Sun.Feb 25, 2024

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Demystifying MLOps: From Notebook to ML Application


What is this thing called MLOps ? You may have heard about it by now, but never really understood what all the fuzz is about. In this blog post, we’ll try to demystify MLOps and take you through the process of going from a notebook to your very own industry-grade ML application. The first part will be about the what and why of MLOps and the second part about technical aspects of MLOps.

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Accelerate 5G with AI-Powered Cybersecurity

Palo Alto Networks

It’s no secret that we’re experiencing a transformational moment in history, characterized by the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and cloud-native paradigms along with the emergence of 5G. This transformative era presents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses of all sizes to supercharge their business models.


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VSCode + WSL makes Windows awesome for web development

David Heinemeier Hansson

I’m kinda shocked. Windows actually got good for web developers. Between VSCode , WSL , and Intel’s latest desktop chips, I’ve been living with a PC for over a week that runs my programming tests faster than an M3 Max, ships with an excellent window manager out-the-box, and generally feels like a completely viable alternative to macOS for working with the web.

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Dell Technologies Announces New Latitude AI PCs

Dell EMC

All new Latitude lineup delivers AI-enhanced productivity and collaboration for business professionals in the hybrid work era.

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Peak Performance: Continuous Testing & Evaluation of LLM-Based Applications

Speaker: Aarushi Kansal, AI Leader & Author and Tony Karrer, Founder & CTO at Aggregage

Software leaders who are building applications based on Large Language Models (LLMs) often find it a challenge to achieve reliability. It’s no surprise given the non-deterministic nature of LLMs. To effectively create reliable LLM-based (often with RAG) applications, extensive testing and evaluation processes are crucial. This often ends up involving meticulous adjustments to prompts.

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Switching to Android was easy

David Heinemeier Hansson

In addition to trying out Windows for a week, I also switched my main phone number to Android recently. And that turned out to be far easier. Dangerously easy, you might say, if you were in Apple’s shoes. But it’s all down to how deep you’re mired in the platform services soup. I used to be all-in on the Apple software story. Apple Mail, Apple Calendar, Apple Notes, Apple Photos, iMessage, Apple Just-About-Everything.

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CodeSOD: Climbing Optimization Mountain

The Daily WTF

" Personal Mountains " was hearing dire rumors about one of the other developers; rumors about both the quality of their work and their future prospects at the company. Fortunately for Personal Mountains, they never actually had to work with this person. Unfortunately, that person was fired and 30,000 lines of code were now Personal Mountains' responsibility.

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The New Precision Workstations Are Here

Dell EMC

Extending our AI story and opening new capabilities to our customers.

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The Future of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base: Challenges and Opportunities

Ooda Loop

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is best in class research and analysis, judged against and public or private sector standards. In a recent report, the CRS broke down the vital questions U.S. policymakers need to be asking vis a vis the future of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base - questions which apply to all organizations strategic sensemaking as the U.S.

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Spark DataFrame: Writing to Tables and Creating Views


In this Blog Post we will see methods of writing Spark DataFrame into tables and creating views, for essential tasks for data processing and analysis. Before diving into this blog have a look at my other blog posts discussing about creating the DataFrame and manipulating the DataFrame. Creating DataFrame: [link] Manipulating DataFrame: [link] Dataset: The Below is the Dataset that we will be using for looking on writing into a table and create views from DataFrame.

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Top 5 Challenges in Designing a Data Warehouse for Multi-Tenant Analytics

Multi-tenant architecture allows software vendors to realize tremendous efficiencies by maintaining a single application stack instead of separate database instances while meeting data privacy needs. When you use a data warehouse to power your multi-tenant analytics, the proper approach is vital. Multi-tenant analytics is NOT the primary use case with traditional data warehouses, causing data security challenges.

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It might be a good thing if someone hates your product

Successful Software

Nobody likes getting an email message telling that that the end result of all their hard work is a piece of garbage (or worse). It is a bit of a shock, when it happens the first time. One negative piece of feedback can easily offset 10 positive ones. But, hurt feelings aside, it may not be all bad. For a start, that person actually cared enough about your product to take the time to contact you.