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Mysterious ‘MMS Fingerprint’ Hack Used by Spyware Firm NSO Group Revealed

Ooda Loop

The method claims to reveal target device and operating system information without user interaction, applicable to Android, […]

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Computer Protection Testimonials

Storm Consulting

When it comes to virus safety reviews, the most important factor is how well a program helps to protect against spyware and adware. This includes the two viruses and spyware, that may steal personal information and gradual down your computer.

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CVE-2023-41064, CVE-2023-4863, CVE-2023-5129: Frequently Asked Questions for ImageIO and WebP/libwebp Zero-Day Vulnerabilities


On September 7, researchers at Citizen Lab published a blog post detailing their discovery of an iPhone zero-click, zero-day exploit chain in Apple iOS used to deploy a spyware known as Pegasus. It is a part of Apple operating systems from iOS and iPadOS to macOS, and watchOS. What is WebP or libwebp?

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Operating System Characteristics (Features)

The Crazy Programmer

The operating system is the software that enables an ideal environment for all these application software to work effectively. And without using an operating system, it is not possible to use smartphone devices to computer devices efficiently. What is an Operating System? Operating System Characteristics.

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Hidden inside Dark Caracal’s espionage apps: Old tech

The Parallax

The hackers hid Trojan malware in legitimate-looking and functioning apps for devices running Google’s Android operating system, promoting their third-party app marketplace installation via links on Facebook and other social platforms. ”—Michael Flossman, senior security researcher, Lookout Mobile Security.

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Daily Crunch: India’s Central Bank says cryptocurrency ‘may even be worse’ than Ponzi schemes


The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has called for a bloc-wide ban on the controversial Pegasus spyware tool , warning its use could lead to an “unprecedented level of intrusiveness,” she writes. The latest?

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5 Cyber Security Threats to SMEs, and How Software Development Services Can Help


Examples of malware include spyware, Trojans, adware, ransomware and bots. Businesses should also ensure that their anti-virus software, operating systems, firmware and firewalls are up-to-date. Malware refers to any software that’s installed on a computer or any machine to carry out unwanted tasks benefiting a third party.