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Scaling Organizational Empathy With Box’s VPE, Saminda Wijegunawardena


In this Perspectives in Engineering interview series, engineering leaders talk about how to build, coach, and scale world-class technology teams. As a company scales, it’s inevitable that individuals will grow farther removed from other people, projects, and initiatives in the organization.

DevOps Skill: Become a Yes-Man Who Frequently Uses No

Dzone - DevOps

Sometimes you just have to. Sometimes ‘No’ is the kindest word,” says Vironika Tugaleva, author of The Love Mindset. The art of saying no is a skill you must have in DevOps. devops automation devops best practices devops approach devops skills say no

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When TDD Is Not a Good Fit

Henrik Warne

I like to use Test-Driven Development (TDD) when coding. However, in some circumstances, TDD is more of a hinderance than a help. This happens when how to solve the problem is not clear. Then it is better to first write a solution and evaluate if it solves the problem.

TDD 213

The Agile Workspace: The Undervalued Success Factor

TL;DR: Agile Workspace Means Choice Among a Diversity of Spaces . If you want your organization to become agile, adding more whiteboards to the workspace will not suffice. You have to abandon the idea that the workspace is an assembly line for white-collar workers. You need to let go Taylorism.

Agile 228

Business Agile: A Roadmap for Transforming Your Management & Adapting to the VUCA Environment

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

Businesses everywhere are trying to “get business agile”—but it’s not easy to adapt to becoming this adaptive. How can conventional organizations succeed in this transformation? In this webinar, Peter Taylor will walk through the change process step by step, and look at a tried and tested transformation roadmap: benefits are outlined, solutions to common challenges offered, and tried and tested methods and tools provided. It will be a guide towards a decentralized and management style that offers more successful decision making through collaboration.

DevOps Needs Collaboration and a Safe Place for Success

When it comes to DevOps adoption, “[many organizations] tell a similar story,” said Scott Van Kalken, systems engineer at F5 Networks. It takes more time and effort to develop the right culture than you probably expect.

DevOps 104

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Toxic Team Members

Agile Alliance

Imagine this was your Agile team: Your Product Owner has expert domain knowledge but is more focused on career progression than on developing a great product. The Business Analyst is thorough but is a poor time manager and often misses deadlines.

Investing in the Long Game with Reuven Lerner

Marcus Blankenship - Podcasts

Episode 23. Training, done properly, is a specialized type of learning that companies can use as an investment in their personnel. Unfortunately, it also may become just a box that gets ticked off each year as a mandatory practice.

Games 52

DevOps 100: Top leaders, practitioners, experts to follow


As the DevOps movement continues to make significant headway into Corporate America, TechBeacon has updated our "DevOps 100" list to keep pace.

DevOps 112

How to Lead When Your Team Resists Change

Let's Grow Leaders

When Your Team Resists Change, It’s an Opportunity for Ownership You’ve noticed a problem, spent the last four days meeting with finance, strategizing, and building an action plan. You’re energized about what your team will achieve, your boss and peers are on […].

BI Buyers Guide: Embedding Analytics in Your Software

The business intelligence market has exploded. And as the number of vendors grows, it gets harder to make sense of it all. Learn how to decide what features you need and get an evaluation framework for every technical and non-technical requirement you could imagine.

Turning Cynicism Into Hope

Dzone - DevOps

Convert your skeptics to believers with the gospel of DevOps culture. If you’ve ever led a DevOps initiative, this may sound familiar. When you walk down the hall, people avoid making eye contact with you, fearing they might become your next target.

5 DevOps Pitfalls to Watch Out for

The New Stack

Rahul Varshneya. Rahul Varshneya is the co-founder and President of Arkenea. Rahul has been featured as a technology thought leader in numerous media channels such as Bloomberg TV, Forbes, HuffPost, Inc, among others.

DevOps 100

Are technical skills required to be a Scrum Master?

As part of the webinar “Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer - Martin Hinshelwood - Answering Your Most Pressing Scrum Questions” I was asked a number of questions.


Impact of Robotic Process Automation on the Existing Workforce and Workplace

OTS Solutions

Impacts of Robotic Process Automation on the Existing Workforce and Workplace. In what seems like an obvious upward trend, technology is steadily improving the ways it impacts the business industry. It’s fascinating to see how impactful it will be in the future.

2019 State of Engineering Performance Management Report

More than 100 software leaders were asked how they manage and measure engineering performance. How do the findings stack up to your own experience? The report includes the top engineering challenges and the most used performance metrics.

How to Implement an Effective CI/CD Pipeline

DevOps bridges the gap between development, operations and IT services teams efficiently. To foster a DevOps culture, implementing the right DevOps tools with the right DevOps process is essential.

Hardest tech roles to fill (+ solutions!)

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Technology has evolved drastically over the last decade and is only expected to continue transforming. With the changing landscape, the skill sets that organizations look for in tech professionals is also changing.

Technical Debt for Non-Software Developers

Warning - this post is not about Scrum. It is about Technical Debt in my home!!! Please do not judge me!! . So what is Technical Debt - .

A Conversation with Deepti Jain and Tathagat Varma about The State of Agile Transformation in the Indian Subcontinent

Agile Alliance

Agile 129

More Effective Agile Leadership

Speaker: Steve McConnell, CEO, Construx Software

In this talk, Steve McConnell, CEO of Construx Software, distills hundreds of companies’-worth of real-world experience into the proven Agile leadership practices that work best. Steve will seamlessly thread together traditional approaches, early Agile approaches, modern Agile approaches, and the principles and context that underlie them all—creating an invaluable resource for Agile leaders, their teams, and their organizations.

Why Legacy Application Development is a Challenge

Enterprises seeking to modernize their legacy mainframe applications often cite the key reason as not being able to evolve quickly enough to support the changing needs of the business.

Linux Kernel Finally Gets Its Lockdown

The New Stack

In news that has been a long time in coming, chief Linux maintainer Linus Torvalds has finally approved a new security feature, the Linux Security Module (LSM, nicknamed “lockdown”) to be part of the 5.4 branch of the Linux kernel.

Linux 113

9 Creative Ways to Develop Your Managers

Let's Grow Leaders

You’ve done your talent assessment work, completed the nine-box grid, and now it’s time to create specific plans to develop your managers.

Beyond Building Software: Agile as an Organization-Wide Initiative


Nearly 20 years ago, Agile software development started making waves in the technology world when the Agile Manifesto was published.

Agile 77

The Essential Guide to Building Analytic Applications

Embedding dashboards, reports, and analytics in an existing application presents some unique opportunities—and poses unique challenges—to software teams. Download this eBook to hear 16 product experts share insights on business intelligence, UI/UX, security, and everything that goes into building a successful application with analytics at its core.

Common Pitfalls of Software Development and Tips to Avoid Them

In business, no one wants to plan on failure. However, when it comes to software development, failure is more common than most managers want to admit.

31 cybersecurity stats that matter


Enterprise organizations have a lot to deal with these days on the cybersecurity front. Security, Information Security, Information Security (Info Sec

Robotic Process Automation: A New Spin on Old Challenges

The New Stack

Tricentis sponsored this post. Place yourself in “Jeopardy!” ” mode for a moment. Here’s the answer: Automatically driving an application via the UI or API to make manual work faster, less burdensome and more accurate. Time to give Alex Trebek your answer.

The Direction of DevOps: The Future of DevOps Is Truly Bright, and Getting Brighter

Dzone - DevOps

Blinded by the science of DevOps. DevOps is about direction, moving organizations and, in some cases, innovation forward. Some of the essential ways DevOps is moving forward include security, automation, and breaking down silos, among other factors.

DevOps 101

Architect Your Organization for Effectiveness, Productivity, and Joy

Speaker: Ron Lichty, Consultant: Interim VP Engineering, Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc.

As a senior software leader, you likely spend more time working on the architecture of your systems than the architecture of your organization. Yet, structuring our teams and organizations is a critical factor for success. In fact, the impact of software architecture parallels the impact of organizational structure. We are excited to welcome Ron Lichty, co-author of a seminal book on managing software teams and a well-known speaker, he’ll speak to organizing for effectiveness, productivity and joy.

Chaos Engineering for ITOps

Chaos engineering (CE) is the discipline of experimenting on a system in order to build confidence in the system’s capability to withstand turbulent conditions in production. This approach is becoming commonplace in software development and operations (DevOps) practices.

Impact of RPA on the Existing Workforce and Workplace

OTS Solutions

Impacts of RPA on the Existing Workforce and Workplace. In what seems like an obvious upward trend, technology is steadily improving the ways it impacts the business. industry. Given its already large role in the industry already, it’s fascinating to see how impactful it will be. in the future.

Stream Processing Could Replace ETL Deployments

The New Stack

In honor of this week’s Kafka Summit , we are resharing with a couple of insights based on a survey we conducted earlier this year about 800 IT professionals’ use of data stream processing.