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Pitch Deck Teardown: Vori’s $10M Series A deck


Vori-at-a-glance — (KPI slide, lightly redacted). Now, I’d need to perform due diligence on that. ( I don’t know exactly how Vori does the voice-over for this slide, but if it were me, I’d explain the additional costs, the missed opportunities and the problems that are inherent in relying on old systems.

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5 hot IT budget investments — and 2 going cold


In one use case, AR and VR are being used to re-create people’s spines in a model so that surgeons can look at them in advance of surgeries to help them perform better, says Peter Fleischut, group senior vice president and chief information and transformation officer.

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Power BI Executive Dashboard: Actionable Insights for Leaders

Sunflower Lab

The essence of crucial indicators that ensure optimal performance of executive dashboards is discussed in this blog, as it shows how they can be used to elevate an organization above competitors. It is a fundamental indicator of a company’s financial performance and growth.

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Power BI Purchase Dashboards

Sunflower Lab

Enter the Power BI Purchase Dashboard: a powerful analytics tool allowing organizations real-time insights into their procurement activities, supplier performance, spending habits, and more. Overall, the Supplier Performance Dashboard plays a crucial role in optimizing supplier relationships and ensuring the efficiency of the supply chain.

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Transforming ESG Challenges with Automation: ServiceNow’s Sustainable Approach


The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a framework that helps investors and companies evaluate how well investments or businesses perform in terms of environmental, social, and governance aspects while considering sustainability, social responsibility, and governance practices for creating long-term value.

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Improve Help Desk KPIs with Fast Access to IT Documentation


A common key performance indicator (KPI) for IT support teams is Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), also known as “average speed to answer.” Another common KPI is First Contact Resolution (FCR). Knowledge management (IT documentation) systems that provide fast access to information.

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Lean IT: Data driven steering of IT Organizations


Especially agile collaboration methods – such as ‘scrum’ – are designed to measure constantly the performance of a team in order to be able to adjust the team structure or the workload if the performance changes unfavorably. Today, we don’t need 50+ key performance indicators. Organizational and customers benefit.