Wed.Sep 13, 2023

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Measuring GitHub Copilot’s Impact on Engineering Productivity

What methodology (and metrics) should you use to accurately assess the impact on productivity and value delivery of a tool like GitHub Copilot?

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Announcing the General Availability of Netlify Software Development Kit (SDK)


Empower your development teams to streamline the process of taking their concepts from idea to production, quickly and at global scale with Netlify SDK.


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Overriding Optimizely’s Content Recommendations Block to Implement Custom Recommendations


Introduction The Content Recommendations add-on for Optimizely CMS dynamically recommends content from your site tailored to the interests of each user. Installing the NuGet Package will give you access to Optimizely’s Content Recommendations Block which uses Mustache Templating to render the data from the Content Recommendations API on a page. Although Mustache Templates provide a great way of inserting recommendation data into a webpage, content authors who don’t have prior experience wi

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Nitric Adds Support for Additional Languages to IaC Alternative

Nitric today announced it has added support for the Go and Kotlin programming languages to its application framework. The framework automatically creates code to provision infrastructure based on the way the code used to write an application has been developed.

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The Product Symphony: Orchestrating Success with Storymapping

Speaker: Jamie Bernard - Senior Product Director at Launch by NTT Data

In today’s dynamic business landscape, successful product management hinges on a keen understanding of customer needs and market dynamics. Storymapping emerges as an invaluable pre-investment tool, enabling smarter decision-making, more accurate resource allocation, and enhanced scope control. It serves as a catalyst to better align your entire organization, setting the stage for impactful, customer-centric product management.

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Resolving Your Team’s Conflicts


Your job as a leader is not to mediate conflicts and be a referee. Instead, you need to teach the members of your team how to resolve conflicts with one another. More often than not, high performing teams operate in high pressure environments. And many times on a high performing team, you have some strong personalities at play. When you combine pressure plus strong personalities there are plenty of opportunities for conflict between the members of your team.

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Modular Software Architecture: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Monolith, Microservices and Modular Monolith

Dzone - DevOps

In recent years, microservice architecture has taken the lead in most software solutions, and in many cases, it is most often chosen as the architecture from which we start development. However, it’s worth asking yourself whether this is always the optimal choice. Moreover, if you choose microservices as a set of rules you want to stick to, are you sure you are aware of the consequences of this choice?

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Unused Code: Proving a Negative

The adage about proving a negative applies. We can generate a list of code that is exercised, or identify code that isn’t being exercised.

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Kubernetes Cluster Management and Cloud Automation

Dzone - DevOps

Projectsveltos, Crossplane, and ClusterAPI are three open-source projects that can be used together to simplify the management of Kubernetes clusters. ClusterAPI is a Kubernetes subproject that provides declarative APIs and tooling to simplify provisioning, upgrading, and operating multiple Kubernetes clusters. ClusterAPI runs in a management cluster and can be used to manage clusters hosted on various infrastructure providers, including on-premises, public clouds, and edge computing platforms.

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Latest eBPF Advances Are Harbingers of Major Changes to IT

The open source community advancing eBPF gathered at a virtual eBPF Summit today that featured a demonstration of use in a Windows environment.

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The New GTM Playbook: 18 Ways to Future-Proof Your Sales Team

Longer sales cycles. Increasingly discerning buyers. More meetings. Intensifying competition. Economic uncertainty. Go-to-market teams of every size, in every industry, are grappling with these challenges firsthand. Thankfully, there’s an answer. We’ve developed an entirely new way for GTM leaders to identify and execute proven, data-driven strategies that drive revenue.

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A Talented Team, Innovative Technology, and The Opportunity to Grow. There Is No Place Like Cloudera


I started my current career path with Hortonworks in 2016, back when we still had to tell people what Hadoop was. Once I got to work with all the amazing open-source Apache tools I was hooked. I found Apache NiFi especially interesting. Soon after, I became a huge fan of Apache Kafka. Coupled with amazing technology was an amazing team that only grew and improved with the merger with Cloudera.

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JFrog Extends DevOps Reach to Manage and Secure AI Models

JFrog added additional security capabilities to its CI/CD environment and made it possible to manage ML models within a DevOps workflow.

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One-Click Insights with Board Templates


Whether you’re a new Honeycomb user or a seasoned expert looking to uncover fresh insights, chances are you’ve sent tremendous amounts of data into Honeycomb already. The question is, now what? We have the answer: Board templates. Teams can now create Boards based on pre-built templates that generate visualizations with a single click. There’s no need to manually create Board use cases again; Honeycomb now offers a curated set of templates with queries that our customers have frequently asked wh

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Data Quality: The Secret Sauce of Data Chefs


In this blog , David Talaga (Product Marketing at Dataiku) explains that shopping in a supermarket could be similar to searching for the best data product for your use case. But when it comes to selecting the ingredients, what makes you choose one ingredient versus another? Why do you think organic vegetables have a different taste than others? As a data analyst, the same mechanism applies to the data products you are looking for: Can I trust it?

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Value-Driven AI: Applying Lessons Learned from Predictive AI to Generative

Speaker: Data Robot

Enterprise AI maturity has evolved dramatically over the past 5 years. Most enterprises have now experienced their first successes with predictive AI, but the pace and scale of impact have too often been underwhelming. Now generative AI has emerged and captivated the minds and imaginations of leaders and innovators everywhere. Join our DataRobot experts to reflect on lessons learned from helping hundreds of enterprises grow their AI maturity over the past 5 years.

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Wi-Fi 7 To Transform the Online User Experience


Wi-Fi continues to be the world’s preferred wireless technology, with a record 19.5 billion devices expected to be in use by the end of this year. Many factors have contributed to the widespread adoption and success of Wi-Fi technology , including its support for mobility and its ubiquity due to operation in unlicensed bands and relatively low-cost deployment.

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Dell is Bringing Big Things to Big Data LDN

Dell EMC

Dell Technologies first-time event presence marks our entrance into the data management space. Visit us and see what’s new.

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What Happens When an Oracle Database Version Reaches End of Life?


Many vital enterprise systems in production rely on Oracle databases. But what happens when your database version reaches end of life? If you’re using,,, or 18c, this is a question you need to answer by the following dates: Dec 31, 2023 March 31, 2022 Dec 31, 2023 18c: Jun 30, 2021 Whether you’re facing an upcoming end of life date or have already passed it for your Oracle databases, it’s important to understand what happens if you put off

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Haskell Programming Language: Haskell is a modern, standard, only functional, and non-strict language. It is specially designed to handle many applications from numbers to characters. It has an impressive syntax and vibrant built-in architecture. Haskell is a functional language only, not limited to functional. It is specifically designed to handle large business applications.

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3 Sizzling Ways to Warm up Cold Calls

Even in today’s data-driven sales world, cold calling remains a fact of life for many go-to-market professionals. Fortunately, today’s sales leaders have a crucial advantage over their predecessors: market intelligence and outreach platforms that can warm up virtually any introduction.

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Meet AI-Powered Prisma SASE at SASE Converge 2023

Palo Alto Networks

Whether it’s helping us write a book or predict the likelihood of developing certain diseases, artificial intelligence (AI) has the opportunity to impact every aspect of our lives. As the world begins to apply AI to how business gets done, it will profoundly impact an organization’s security, network and operations. Palo Alto Networks believes AI will have far-reaching implications for how hybrid work environments are enabled, how data is architected and managed, as well as how entire industries

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TPG to Invest in Denodo to Accelerate Our Already Rapidly Expanding Growth

Data Virtualization

Reading Time: 2 minutes I am extremely excited to announce that TPG has given Denodo a profound “vote of confidence” in the form of a $336 million investment in Denodo’s Series B preferred equity. The investment underscores the strength of our solution, our successful. The post TPG to Invest in Denodo to Accelerate Our Already Rapidly Expanding Growth appeared first on Data Management Blog - Data Integration and Modern Data Management Articles, Analysis and Information.

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Building a Real-Time Service Marketplace with Confluent Cloud


Event-driven microservice architecture transforms the way this service marketplace connects customers and tradespeople with jobs, scheduling, payments, and more.

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Enterprise Storage – The Right Tool for the Right Job


Enterprise Storage – The Right Tool for the Right Job Adriana Andronescu Thu, 09/14/2023 - 02:23 Storage is not all the same. There’s high-end enterprise storage, mid-range storage, and entry-level storage. There is block, file, object, and hybrid cloud storage. They behave and function differently as far as availability, cyber security, integration, performance, and connectivity to other software – namely, infrastructure software.

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Resilient Machine Learning with MLOps

Today’s economy is under pressure from inflation, rising interest rates, and disruptions in the global supply chain. As a result, many organizations are seeking new ways to overcome challenges — to be agile and rapidly respond to constant change. We do not know what the future holds. But we can take the right actions to prevent failure and ensure that AI systems perform to predictably high standards, meet business needs, unlock additional resources for financial sustainability, and reflect the r

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Writing Kubernetes Operators in Java: Part 1

Dzone - DevOps

In this article, you will get a brief overview of what Operators are and why it could be interesting to create them in Java. Future articles will show you how to create a simple Operator using the Java Operator SDK (JOSDK) , an open source project that aims to simplify the task of creating Kubernetes Operators using Java. As you can guess, this series of articles is principally targeted at Java developers interested in writing Operators in Java.

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CodeSOD: Select Start

The Daily WTF

" John Doe " was asked to take a look at a slow-running application. It didn't take too long to discover that the application was slow because the database was slow, but figuring out why the database was slow involved digging deeply through some logs. The database was a central system, which many applications connected to. Every ten minutes, performance dropped significantly, and it just so happened that every ten minutes a batch update process ran. public void doTheUpdate ( int curr

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Pros and Cons of Offshoring and Yourshoring: Which One Is The All-Pro Choice?

TurnKey Labs

In our last blog post, we put on our scuba suits and took a deep dive into the differences and similarities between Offshoring, Onshoring, Nearshoring, and (the highly spectacular) Yourshoring. In this post, I’m going to narrow the focus to Offshoring vs. Yourshoring—and outline the benefits and nuances of both.

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Safeguarding SMEs: GenAI, Cybersecurity, and IP Protection Challenges


In an era defined by innovation and technological advancement, the future of business has never looked more promising. According to a recent study by Accenture, the stage is set for a seismic shift as 97% of visionary top executives from around the globe eagerly anticipate the transformative power of AI foundational models in redefining the very fabric of data connections.

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Outrun Your Competition: Best Practices for Accelerating Sales Processes

Longer sales cycles. Larger buying committees. Slow-moving compliance reviews. Every go-to-market team knows the frustrations that come from a drawn-out sales process. How can you speed it up? By building a modern GTM motion that uses data, automation, and proven best practices to unlock insights, engage customers, and win faster.

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Software Cost Optimization: Top 8 Best Practices

TurnKey Labs

The pressure is on for businesses to do more with less, especially in optimizing their tech-related expenses while maintaining top-quality standards and fostering innovation. According to my research of leading tech companies, to achieve this, adopting cost optimization strategies becomes paramount.

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Prompt Engineering: The Guide to Mastering The Art of Talking to AI


In the world of machine learning , there’s a well-known saying, “An ML model is only as good as the training data you feed it with.” It points out the critical role that data quality plays in the outcomes you get from these algorithms. Watch our video about data preparation for ML tasks to learn more about this. This idea is also important when working with Generative AI models — whether they produce text, code, or images.

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Your Best Bay Area Tech Recruiters: TurnKey Labs Leading the Way

TurnKey Labs

In the heart of the world’s tech innovation epicenter lies the California Bay Area, where groundbreaking ideas are born, and groundbreaking talent is sought after. Silicon Valley, as it’s famously known, is a realm of endless possibilities, but it’s also a realm of fierce competition.