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5 Common Misconceptions About Serverless in 2019


At Stackery, our engineers live and breathe serverless development every day. Because of this, we are constantly evaluating the current soundbites about it; when a field is expanding this quickly, it’s not uncommon to hear a generous handful of misguided assumptions.

Why software projects take longer than you think – a statistical model

Erik Bernhardsson

Anyone who built software for a while knows that estimating how long something is going to take is hard. It’s hard to come up with an unbiased estimate of how long something will take, when fundamentally the work in itself is about solving something.

Meet ‘misinfosec’: Fighting fake news like it’s malware

The Parallax

VANCOUVER—The last thing Emmanuel Vincent expected to do with his Ph.D. in oceanography and climate science was fact-checking news reports. But he found a compelling reason to dive into the fraught world of online journalism: He wanted to stop fake news.

What Good is Agility without Alignment?

One of the biggest misconceptions of agile is that it focuses on speed. How fast can we deliver? How fast can we deliver on this project/product? This short-sighted view of agile is causing a bigger problem?—?misalignment. misalignment.

Agile 264

Make an Impact with Customer Journey Maps

Speaker: Kirui K. K., Co-founder and CEO of Tanasuk Africa

If you want to offer a better user experience, it can be tempting to track each and every data point in your product. However, this can quickly get complicated and overwhelming as you collect more and more data. How do you know which metrics will help you improve? Kirui K. K., Co-founder & CEO Tanasuk Africa, wants you to know that analytics don't have to be complicated to make an impact - no matter the size of your company. Join him as he explains how to create a customer journey map, then use that map to figure out the metrics you need to know - and how to use them.

R vs Python for Machine Learning

The Crazy Programmer

There are so many things to learn before to choose which language is good for Machine Learning. We will discuss each and everything about R as well as Python and the situation or problem in which situation we have to use which language. Let’s start.

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6 cybersecurity revelations from the redacted Mueller report

The Parallax

From the earliest moves by Russian hackers to influence the 2016 U.S.

Report 182

Designing a team culture

. What this article is about. Teams are becoming the fundamental organizational entity, individual responsibility is being replaced by that of the team. But responsibility does not come about all by itself.

How Much is Poor Quality Software Costing You?


Earlier this month, Herb Krasner, an Advisory Board member of the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) joined our VP of Solution Engineering Eric Mizell for a webinar examining the cost of poor quality software.

Highlights from the O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference in New York 2019

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Watch highlights from expert talks covering AI, machine learning, deep learning, ethics, and more. People from across the AI world are coming together in New York for the O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference. Below you'll find links to highlights from the event. AI and the robotics revolution.

Build Product Progress with a Strong Data Culture

Speaker: Nima Gardideh, CTO, Pearmill

Have you ever thought your product's progress was headed in one direction, and been shocked to see a different story reflected in big picture KPIs like revenue? It can be confusing when customer feedback or metrics like registration or retention are painting a different picture. No matter how sophisticated your analytics are, if you're asking the wrong questions - or looking at the wrong metrics - you're going to have trouble getting answers that can help you. Join Nima Gardideh, CTO of Pearmill, as he demonstrates how to build a strong data culture within your team, so everyone understands which metrics they should actually focus on - and why. Then, he'll explain how you can use your analytics to regularly review progress and successes. Finally, he'll discuss what you should keep in mind when instrumenting your analytics.

Monitoring the DevOps Toolchain

DevOps has grown in popularity among many companies seeking greater agility and higher-quality code. When using different tools for automation, these organizations need monitoring and tracking of these tools and metrics from different portals on a common dashboard.

DevOps 111

Digital + Water = Operational Transformation

Beyond B2B

Water management may not be one of your typical “top ten” conservation topics around the dinner table, but it should be. IoT telecommunications

What Cyber Security and Game of Thrones Have in Common


By: Eric Rhoades, VP of Internet Solutions. We live in a hyper-connected world: enterprises are required to be online, available and responsive at all times.

Games 101

Applied machine learning at Facebook

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Kim Hazelwood discusses the hardware and software Facebook has designed to meet its scale needs. Continue reading Applied machine learning at Facebook

What Is (and Isn’t) Product Management?

Speaker: Steve Johnson, VP of Products, Pragmatic Institute

Product Management is one of the most exciting - and most misunderstood - functions in technical organizations. Is it strategic or tactical? Is it a planning role or a support role? Many product professionals are unclear about what is (and isn't) product management. After all, product management spans many activities from business planning to market readiness. In this session, we’ll examine many product activities and artifacts for product strategy, planning, and growth, and introduce a simple tool that you can use in your organization to clarify the roles of product management and others. Steve Johnson explores the many roles of Product Management in this fun talk focused on why product managers should obsess on problems instead of solutions.

Focusing on the True DevOps North Star: Continuous Improvement

DevOps 110

6 Steps to a Greener Office


Small changes add up to big impacts. Whether at home, in the community, or at work, each step in the right direction can move us toward a brighter, greener future. So, in honor of Earth Day 2019, we've gathered some tips to make your workplace more eco-friendly, one small step at a time. Operations


Shut the door and listen from outside


At a certain point, you start to finish each other’s statements. Teams that have been together for a while can breed a sort of shorthand in their communication. This has a lot of upsides, but it can also cause, for example, predictable retrospectives. Retrospectives should trigger learning and improvement. When they become predictable I feel […]. The post Shut the door and listen from outside appeared first on Xebia Blog. Agile Scrum Agile games continuous improvement retrospective

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Machine learning for personalization

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Tony Jebara explains how Netflix is personalizing and optimizing the images shown to subscribers. Continue reading Machine learning for personalization

Your Post-Launch Toolkit for Understanding Your Users

Speaker: Brittney Gwynn, former Director of Product, Simple Health

If you've ever launched an MVP, you know that the journey has only just begun. How do you figure out what to do next? You know that you need to look at how different user segments react, but how do you quickly distinguish signal from noise so you can iterate and improve? Join Brittney Gwynn, former Director of Product at Simple Health, as she explains how you can use early customer feedback, usage data, and continuous experimentation to optimize your journey to product-market fit. Whether you're at a brand-new company, or looking to innovate within a more mature organization, or anywhere in between, you'll come away with a new skill set, ready to make the most of your launches.

The History of Computing, Part 1

The post The History of Computing, Part 1 appeared first on Blogs ROELBOB


The Kanban perspective on Teams

To Team or not to Team? The comparison between Kanban and Scrum obviously comes up often when we're talking to teams, especially in the context of Professional Scrum with Kanban. While they are more similar than many practitioners realize, one key difference is the perspective on Teams. . If you look at the definition of Kanban or Lean, you wouldn't find teams anywhere there.


Asynchronous workflow pattern


The asynchronous workflow pattern, also known as the publish-subscribe pattern, is an architecture pattern which is typically used to asynchronously perform resource intensive and time consuming tasks. To separate the request from the task itself we can use a queue where the sender puts messages that another service can pick up. This pattern is a subset of the […]. The post Asynchronous workflow pattern appeared first on Xebia Blog

Data fueling AI of the future

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Thomas Henson considers how AI will shape the experiences of future generations. Continue reading Data fueling AI of the future

Data 98

The Magic of Intent: Start Knowing The Goals of Your Users

Speaker: Terhi Hanninen, Senior Product Manager, Zalando, and Dr. Franziska Roth, Senior User Researcher, Zalando

It's important to know your users - what are their preferences, pain points, ultimate goals? With user research and usage data, you can get a great idea of how your users act. The tricky part is, very few users reliably act the same way every time they use your product. Join Terhi Hanninen, Senior Product Manager, and Dr. Franziska Roth, Senior User Researcher at Zalando, as they explain how they were able to reach a new level of user understanding - by taking their user research and segmenting their users by point-in-time intent. You'll leave with a strategy to change how your product team, and organization at large, understands your users.

DevOps and Security: Be Ready to Shield Your Application

All of us have heard of continuous improvement/continuous delivery (CI/CD). There are many benefits to implementing CI/CD, as it helps seamless integration from end to end for development and deployment processes.

A call to rethink the banking value chain


Financial services is shifting to platforms for business functions and processes, and that’s a good thing. Moving from applications to Software as a Service (SaaS) and then to Platform as a Service (PaaS) can create new value chains.

Why Is TechSoup Investing in Apps for Good?


As usual, we are busy at TechSoup. We continue to build the capacity of individual organizations to use their technology to its fullest potential. And we continue to think about civil society and how technology can transform the field as a whole.

Simple, scalable, and sustainable: A methodical approach to AI adoption

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Rajendra Prasad explains how leaders in large enterprises can make AI adoption successful. Continue reading Simple, scalable, and sustainable: A methodical approach to AI adoption

A Simple Framework for Complex User Goals

Speaker: Hannah Stegen

How can you measure and affect your users' behavior if they're not doing something that's easily measurable? You can monitor usage, activation, retention, and more, but those metrics don't always align with every one of your goals for your users. Hope is not lost, however: with the right framework, you can still make sure your users are on track. Join Hannah Stegen (she/her), Customer Success Manager at Crescendo as she explains how you can monitor even the most complex user journeys by breaking them up into Attitude, Intention, and Behavior.