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How to Configure ServiceNow Knowledge Articles for Microsoft Graph Connector


If you use ServiceNow as your knowledge management platform, you might want to make your knowledge articles searchable and accessible from Microsoft Search. By connecting your ServiceNow knowledge articles to Microsoft Search, you can enable your users to find and request them directly from the Microsoft 365 apps.

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10 outstanding articles from the Agile Alliance blog in 2023

Agile Alliance

The post 10 outstanding articles from the Agile Alliance blog in 2023 first appeared on Agile Alliance. Explore the top blog posts of 2023, showcasing key insights and strategies in Agile approaches to getting work done efficiently and effectively.

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Your Favorite HBR Articles of 2023

Harvard Business Review

As we close out 2023, we asked our readers: Did an HBR article make a meaningful impact on the way you think, work, or lead this year? They called out articles ranging from a 2001 classic article about managing your energy as a worker to a recent magazine piece on storytelling for leaders.

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The Best Leadership Articles of 2021 (according to you)

Let's Grow Leaders

Your Favorite Leadership Articles of the Year. These are your favorite leadership articles of 2021 based on views and shares. What was your favorite article of the year? What leadership articles would you like us to write about more in the coming year? And… Our Most Popular Leadership Article of All Time.

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How to avoid the top 3 mistakes when hiring a software development team

In this short article, Band of Coders shares with you the top 3 mistakes made when hiring a software team, and a few tips on how to avoid them. The entire world is being rebuilt with software, so no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the tech business.

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TechCrunch Experts: 3 articles on growth marketing and software development


Here are a few related articles we’ve run in recent weeks: Growth marketing. Among other topics, this article covers the K-factor formula, which helps measure virality. TechCrunch Experts continues to gather and share authoritative advice for founders who need help with growth marketing and software development.

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Article: Bridging Silos and Overcoming Collaboration Antipatterns in Multidisciplinary Organisations

InfoQ Culture Methods

This article calls out three collaboration anti-patterns that appeared in more than one organisation, some of the symptoms they cause and some thoughts on how to go about counteracting them.

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