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Why Tomago Aluminium reversed course on its cloud journey


This is especially true for an industrial facility where the IT budget constantly competes with the budget for the machines and vehicles used for product production. Budgeting, CIO, Cloud Management, Data Architecture, Data Management, Enterprise Architecture, IT Leadership

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The art of selling: IT budget approval made easier


Because as a young CIO, I was struggling with obtaining budget approvals for a range of IT initiatives. A majority of CIOs I speak with dread the budget approval process and breathe a welcome sigh of relief when annual budgeting comes to an end. And because of this, IT budgeters must have open ears.

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IT budgets remain solid, despite tech industry headwinds


A report issued Monday by private investment company Bain Capital indicated that, despite the numerous disruptions to the technology industry—including a global supply chain crisis and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine—most IT decision makers foresee either stable budgets or increases for the coming year. Budgeting, IT Strategy

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6 tips for making the most of a tight IT budget


IT leaders seeking to drive enterprise growth through technology investments are often saddled with budgets that make their tasks of increasing the top and bottom lines challenging. Despite an estimated increase to IT budgets of 5.1% The year 2023 seems to be no different.

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Growth marketing experts survey: How would you spend a $25,000 budget in Q1 2022?


A new year is quickly approaching, which brings new resolutions — and new budgets. If we were advising one of our early-stage startups how best to deploy their $25,000 marketing budget for Q1 2022, here’s what we’d suggest. Budget breakdown: Growth marketing course with Demand Curve: $2,500. Events, PR: $5,000.

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Lean Budgeting – Foster Growth & Innovation in Your Organisation


Your annual budget could be harming your business. Does your organisation’s budget system hinder growth and innovation? This may not be the soundest proposition, but budgeting, as it is currently practised by many companies, should be abolished. Budgeting as it Used to Be. Yet, very harmful. It is never, ever accurate.

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Reinforcement Learning for Budget Constrained Recommendations

Netflix Tech

by Ehtsham Elahi with James McInerney , Nathan Kallus , Dario Garcia Garcia and Justin Basilico Introduction This writeup is about using reinforcement learning to construct an optimal list of recommendations when the user has a finite time budget to make a decision from the list of recommendations.

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