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Change Management: Learning from Back-to-School Anxiety

Apps Associates

After 12 years in the education field, I made a remarkable transition into the realms of change management and tech consulting. My experiences in education provided me with valuable skills in communication, leadership, and stakeholder engagement that are applied effectively in my new role as a Change Consultant.

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Change Management

TechFides Blog

One of the most frequently overlooked and most misunderstood components of business initiatives, projects, and implementations, is the concept of change management. There is a reason that entire change management frameworks were created and that people specialize in the change management discipline.


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Adding Change Management to an Existing Project

Change Starts Here

In my latest Fundamentals of Influencing Change at Work course, one of the participants asked a question: How do I integrate change management into the structure of a project that’s already happening?

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How deliberate are you about applying change management practices when your team faces a large change?


Our reader poll today asks: How deliberate are you about applying change management practices when your team faces a large change? Read the rest of this post at thoughtLEADERS, LLC: Leadership Training for the Real World.

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What is change management and why is it essential for digital transformation

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

“When it comes to change management, “implementation” isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning.” What is change management? Change management may be defined as a structured process that ensures that required changes are thoroughly and smoothly carried out, and that the long-term benefits of the change are realized.

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Change Management: Objectives, Components and Models


What is change management? . Change management is a collective term used to describe the different approaches that are adopted in order to prepare, help and support individual employees, teams, departments and organizations to make an organizational change. What are the objectives of change management?

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The Future of Work and the Role of Change Management

Apps Associates

She points out that while flexible work may seem like the new norm, it is not a blanket change applicable to all sectors; every company’s needs are different. As the Practice Director for Change Management at Apps Associates, it got me to thinking; achieving successful outcomes with hybrid work requires the deliberate management of change.