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Rust vs Python – What Are The Differences

The Crazy Programmer

Software engineering has come a long way since the 1980s. From BASIC to C, Python, and Java, people can write much more complicated programs. Programming languages have diverged and evolved, helping to shape our current software industry.

How to Know if Your Boss is a Micromanager (or if you just need help)

Let's Grow Leaders

Is it micromanagement or the support you need? One of the biggest requests for help we receive is, “How do I deal with my micromanager boss?” ” In fact, that phrase consistently ranks in the top “ Asking for a Friend” questions in our Leadership Development Programs.

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5 reasons why refining your Product Backlog is worth the time

I gotta say, refining work items is usually, by far, the Scrum Team’s least popular activity. No one gets up in the morning saying, “I can’t wait to refine the Product Backlog!” . Investing the time to refine work items can seem unnecessary.


Your organization should run its own Mastodon server

Martin Fowler

The latest crisis at Twitter has led to a big surge of interest in Mastodon and the broader Fediverse of open social media platforms. My colleague Julien Deswaef has long been an advocate of the Fediverse. Here he explains why organizations should take control of their own social media platform. by running their own Mastodon server.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualization Will Never Be Enough

Five years ago, data visualizations were a powerful way to differentiate a software application. Today, free visualizations seem to be everywhere. Two trends are forcing application providers to rethink how they offer analytics in their products.

The Rise Of Code Assessment Platforms And Software Developer Recruitment

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Automation and digitalization are the two most potent driving forces transforming modern societies rapidly. Most countries are investing heavily in these two technologies, increasing the demand for talented software developers worldwide.

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DevOps Momentum Builds at Oracle CloudWorld 2022


Great to be back! . In October we were excited to be back at Oracle’s main annual event, now under a new name as Oracle CloudWorld.

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Collaboration is Key to a More Secure Future

Dell EMC

Deepening the Dell and National Cybersecurity Alliance relationship


Reducing replication lag with IO concurrency in Postgres 15

The Citus Data

Reducing replication lag with IO concurrency in Postgres 15. PostgreSQL 15 improves crash recovery and physical replication performance of some large and very busy databases by trying to minimise I/O stalls. A standby server might now have an easier time keeping up with the primary.

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Using Vehicle Data to Drive Subscription Services


The new era of automotive sales will leverage software-defined elements of the vehicle experience that can be tuned, activated or upgraded dependent on the customers preferences

The Changing World of HR: Prepare Your HCM for the Future

Speaker: Mark Stelzner - Founder & Managing Principal at IA

Join Mark Stelzner of IA as he discusses how to optimize your current HCM system and the opportunities for new tech.

Difference between Web Designer and Web Developer

The Crazy Programmer

Have you ever wondered about the distinctions between web developers’ and web designers’ duties and obligations? You’re not alone! Many people have trouble distinguishing between these two.

How to Make an Even Better Career Elevator Pitch

Let's Grow Leaders

Use this Simple Technique for a Better Career Elevator Pitch. Do you ever think of exactly the right thing to say — your perfect career elevator pitch — the moment you walk away from the conversation?

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GoDataFest 2022: Google Cloud Data Platform Workshop


On October 26, 27, and 28, Xebia hosted its annual GoDataFest , a wonderful collection of talks, discussions, workshops, breakfast sessions, and networking hosted in the Amsterdam office of Xebia.

Multiple Mastodon Accounts

Martin Fowler

The usual Twitter convention is to follow the whole person, meaning one Twitter account for a person would tweet on many different subjects. In the Fediverse, however, that's not encouraged, so we'll see many people having multiple Mastodon (and other) accounts.s. more…. skip-home-page


6 Steps to More Streamlined Data Modeling

Are you a developer, database architect, or database administrator that's new to Cassandra, but been tasked with developing a plan for implementing the technology anyway? Worry no more. Discover a streamlined methodical approach to Apache Cassandra® data modeling.

10 Best Computer Science Universities in Italy 2022

The Crazy Programmer

When it comes to studying computer science in Italy, you’ll have a lot of options in terms of location and the particular specialization you choose to study. These universities offer some of the best undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programs in the country.

How People Are Like Trees and Why That Will Help Your Leadership

Let's Grow Leaders

People are a lot like trees. You can’t make a tree do something, and the same holds true for people. No person brings the entire package to their work, just like no tree brings everything for every environment that you could possibly want. That’s not how any of it works.

Checking out LiveViewJS


Recently we stumbled upon a serverside oriented web framework called LiveViewJS. It’s inspired by Phoenix LiveView , a well known web framework written in Elixir. We ( Arjan Molenaar and Albert Brand ) decided to take it for a spin during one of our Innovation afternoons.

Rust Momentum Intensifies | Elon Says No WFH

In this week’s The Long View: People won’t shut up about Rustlang, and Musk mandates Twitter teams return to the office. The post Rust Momentum Intensifies | Elon Says No WFH appeared first on

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Modern Data Architecture for Embedded Analytics

Data has gone from a mere result of applications & processes to being crowned king. Picking the right avenue to data architecture depends on your organization’s needs. Development teams should build in stages, starting with a task that can be solved.

A DONUT for Product Owners, unchaining them from Authority Restraints

Join the Mastering Agility Discord community ! In a previous article , I discussed how Product Owners are often restrained from reaching their full potential and are not empowered to do what they are accountable for; maximizing value.


Error'd: Quantum Ferment

The Daily WTF

With a minimum of curated snark this week, you get only the freshest goods. Unpreserved. jeffphi reports "My friend Jason mentioned this to me. I assume if you select these options, your pickle state will collapse only after observing your delivered goods." " . Original. Henrik H.

Microsoft’s November 2022 Patch Tuesday Addresses 62 CVEs (CVE-2022-41073)


Microsoft’s November 2022 Patch Tuesday Addresses 62 CVEs (CVE-2022-41073) Microsoft addresses 62 CVEs including four zero-day vulnerabilities that were exploited in the wild. 9 Critical. 53 Important. 0 Moderate. 0 Low.

GitHub Previews Free CI/CD Migration Tool Due in 2023

At its GitHub Universe event, GitHub today unveiled a bevy of updates to its cloud service, including a forthcoming set of migration tools. The tools will automate migrations from legacy continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform to GitHub Actions.

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10 Rules to More Streamlined Data Modeling

Apache Kafka is a powerful piece of software that can solve a lot of problems. Like most libraries and frameworks, you get out of it what you put into it. Learn 10 rules that will help you perfect your Kafka system to get ahead.

Product Management Series: Different Types of Product Owners

In Scrum, we have a product owner. It is an accountability, it’s no longer a role according to the 2020 Scrum guide. . There are different categories of Product Owner: scribe. proxy . business representative . sponsor. CEO of the product. . . The Scribe Product Owner.

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud: The Big Three Compared


For any modern business, it’s no longer a question of whether you should investigate moving your high availability IT services to the cloud; rather, it’s a matter of which clouds you should be using, which service offerings, and how to strategically deploy them to accomplish your business goals.

Scheduling Tools for Food Security Organizations


For food pantries and banks, there are a range of logistical issues to consider. One key example of this is scheduling appointments for clients to pick up their food parcels.

Building Higher-Quality Software With Open Source CD

Business is accelerating, and experience– for customers, partners and employees–is everything. This means nearly all applications need to be enhanced with new features, security updates and bug fixes on ever-shorter cycles.

Blueprint to Modernize Analytics

The longer you wait to modernize your application’s analytics, the longer it will take for you to realize this value. A blueprint helps you define your new solution, plot out how to get there, and determine what you’ll need in terms of time and resources.

Throwback To Our Top 7 INNOVATIVE Hackathons

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

18% of hiring managers state that finding qualified entry-level technology talent has become even more complex over the last year (an 8% increase from 2021). Enter hackathons! Hackathons have always brought out the best and the most innovative solutions for the most abstract problems.

Strategic Creativity is Your Secret Business Weapon

Thought Leaders LLC

Strategic creativity is a secret superpower. It provides a handle on what people desire or need—even before people know they want it or need it. Today’s post is by Robin Landa, author of Strategic Creativity: A Business Field Guide to Advertising, Branding, and Design. CLICK HERE to get your copy).

What is an Agile Project Manager

. If you Google "Agile Project Manager" you'll find a lot of stuff out there, much of which is inconsistent.