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Dennis Ritchie Biography

The Crazy Programmer

Dennis Ritchie, a computer scientist is most popularly known for creating the C programming language. Dennis grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and attended ‘Summit High School’ in Summit, New Jersey. He was a star student in the classroom, earning consistently good grades.

Types of Ciphers in Cryptography

The Crazy Programmer

Cryptography is the study of data security through Encryption technique, which describe the encryption process and techniques used. A cipher is an algorithm which is used to encrypt or decrypt the data. Plain text is converted in cipher text with help of this.


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Log4J Vulnerability (Log4Shell) Explained

The Crazy Programmer

It is an open source library in java built for logging error messages in applications including networks, cloud computing services. This library has been used in many java programs designed for server as well as client applications. What is Log4Shell in Log4j?

How to Pass CompTIA SY0-601 Exam 2022? – Best Security+ Dumps Guide Material

The Crazy Programmer

SY0-601 + CompTIA Security Certification is the entry level IT exam for candidates who want to earn cybersecurity knowledge. The learning path of the complete exam is divided into various domains.

Build Your Open Data Lakehouse on Apache Iceberg

Speaker: Veena Vasudevan and Jason Hughes

In this webinar, Dremio and AWS will discuss the most common challenges in data architecture and how to overcome them with an open data lakehouse architecture on AWS. Sign up now!

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

The Crazy Programmer

Artificial Intelligence is a science of making intelligent and smarter human-like machines that have sparked a debate on Human Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence.

Top 5 JavaScript Trends in 2021

The Crazy Programmer

What are the most vital characteristics that developers seek in a JavaScript framework? There is no definitive answer, but there might be some insight to glean from exploring performance, speed, and popularity.

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How to Develop IoT Applications: A Complete Guide for 2022

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Imagine waking up to rhythmic sounds of the birds; the air conditioner lowers to 16 degrees from 18 degrees; your alarm clock tells you your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. The window blinds automatically spread open to let nature’s morning light into your room as you get up. You shower and dress up, but you do not have to go to the garage; your car is already parked in the driveway.

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11 Best Telegram Programming Groups and Channels

The Crazy Programmer

Do you want to know about the best programming Telegram groups? If we need to choose from WhatsApp and Telegram, we mostly choose Telegram for learning new skills. As WhatsApp is only suitable for chatting and connecting.

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8 Different Types of Programmers

The Crazy Programmer

Computer programming has become a significant industry, and because of the various technological advancements are becoming possible.

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7 Winning Lead Generation Strategies to Drive Growth

As B2B companies pivot to keep pace with a quickly changing marketplace, a data-centric approach to lead generation can be the difference between remaining competitive or being left behind. Get real-world examples and inspiration from leading B2B businesses in this whitepaper.

10 User UI Components That Developers Need to Know

The Crazy Programmer

We know that, as a UI designer or web developer , it is essential that you have a thorough understanding of UI elements and how end users interact with them. It helps you design a more user-friendly application or website structure. User interface (UI) elements serve as the foundation for all apps.

Bjarne Stroustrup Biography

The Crazy Programmer

Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish computer scientist, was born in Copenhagen on December 30, 1950. His contributions to the C++ programming language and its implementation earned him the lion’s share of his fame.

3 Cybersecurity Technologies You Should Know

The Crazy Programmer

Cybersecurity is more critical than ever in today’s modern world, especially with news of ransomware attacks and other forms of malware on the rise.

Shells Review – Best Personal Cloud Computer

The Crazy Programmer

Cloud technology is the new normal for tech-savvy people who consider themselves Digital Nomads. With the rise in a shift towards cloud technology, especially IT people, have changed the way they work.

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Omnichannel is Multichannel 2.0

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing are not the same. Many organizations are striving for omnichannel, but it can be a daunting journey—unless you have a map. Download your copy of the ultimate omnichannel guide today!

Top 10 Computer Science Universities in USA 2022

The Crazy Programmer

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10 Common Mistakes Node JS Developers Make While Developing A Website

The Crazy Programmer

Used by some of the most prominent market players like Netflix, Reddit, LinkedIn, PayPal, Amazon and more, there is no doubt that Node JS is a premier web application architecture.

Top 10 Computer Science Universities in UK 2022

The Crazy Programmer

You’ll need a degree in computer science from a UK university if you want to shape businesses and organizations. As a result of new software and development kits and new programs, you’ll be able to learn more about IT and game creation.

How to Become a Software Developer Fast?

The Crazy Programmer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a 22% growth in employment rate for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers from 2019 to 2029 — which exceeds, by the 4% average for all employers.

Data Value Scorecard Report

This report examines the quantitative research of data leaders on data value and return on investment.

What is Filegroup in Sql Server? When & How to Create?

The Crazy Programmer

SQL Server database is a term you’re probably already familiar with. When it comes to storing large amounts of data, databases are extremely useful. And as you’ve figured out, SQL Server’s default settings aren’t always the best.

Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs in India

The Crazy Programmer

IT or Information technology is the industry that has registered continuous growth. It was in a better situation even in the COVID-19 situation than other industries.

Python Program to Find Prime Factors of a Number

The Crazy Programmer

If a number p is fully divisible by another number q, then q is said to be a factor of p. Here q will be greater than 1 and less than or equal to p. So, if a number p is fully divisible by another number q and q is a prime number then q is said to be a prime factor of p.

CCNA vs CCNP – Detailed Guide and Differences

The Crazy Programmer

CCNA and CCNP, both are Cisco approved certification courses, which are very popular among those who seek a career in the computer networking line. Cisco is a very reputed and well-settled organization that manufactures and sells network-related equipment and solutions.

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Put Your Data to Work: The Complete Playbook

Turn your data into a competitive advantage. This playbook contains: Exclusive stats, research & insights on how the pandemic affected businesses. A comprehensive “Request For Proposal” (RFP) checklist and an interactive quiz to test your data knowledge.

History of CSS

The Crazy Programmer

CSS is another thing you may learn just after understanding HTML. CSS stands for the cascading style sheets, which Hakon Wium Lie created in 1994. Hakon Wium Lie is considered the father of CSS as he created this amazing thing.

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Kids Need to Learn Coding Fundamentals from the Start

The Crazy Programmer

All parents know that the jobs of tomorrow will rely on STEM skills and programming knowledge and that it’s necessary to get ready for this today. But if you don’t have these skills yourself, how can someone recognize the best coding instructors from the rest?

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Dataquest vs DataCamp 2022 – Which is Better?

The Crazy Programmer

Data Science has become quite an attractive field today. Not just is it very profitable, but it also provides huge utility to many other fields.

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DevOps Engineer vs Software Engineer

The Crazy Programmer

With each passing day, a variety of technological advances and fields emerge at a rapid pace. The maintenance and development of software involve many different areas. It is common for people to confuse these two prominent career options – DevOps Engineer and Software Engineer.

TCO Considerations of Using a Cloud Data Warehouse for BI and Analytics

Enterprises poured $73 billion into data management software in 2020 – but are seeing very little return on their data investments. 22% of data leaders surveyed have fully realized ROI in the past two years, with 56% having no consistent way of measuring it.

Types and Functions of Network Interface Card (NIC)

The Crazy Programmer

NIC card or network adapter is the crucial component in devices like computers and servers. They help such devices connect with the network. These devices have several types and crucial roles in operating computers and other similar devices that use the network connection.

5 Different Types of Programming Languages

The Crazy Programmer

Computer programming languages are designed to execute the given instructions to digital computers these days. Currently, the world has over 9000 programming languages of various types. All those come in use for multiple purposes and program various types of applications.

9 Best Games for Programmers to Improve Programming Skills

The Crazy Programmer

Learning coding can be a little tough initially, especially when you’re getting started, however when you get into the detail, it becomes very fun and enjoyable. Besides games are the best way you can do that.

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Top 10 Soft Skills for Software Developers in 2022

The Crazy Programmer

There was a time when the companies evaluated the performance of a software engineer based on how quickly they delivered the tasks. But, 2022 is a different scenario in software development teams. Nowadays, this isn’t the only criteria.

12 Considerations When Evaluating Data Lake Engine Vendors for Analytics and BI

Businesses today compete on their ability to turn big data into essential business insights. Modern enterprises leverage cloud data lakes as the platform used to store data. 57% of the enterprises currently using a data lake cite improved business agility as a benefit.

The Shape of Things to Come: What’s the Future of Computer Programming?

The Crazy Programmer

What will computer programming look like in the future? Will, there even be programming jobs, and what will they entail? Is there still a point to going into a computer programming career? These questions are weighing heavily on the minds of both established programmers and newcomers to the field.

FusionGrid – Javascript Data Grid Component to Speed Up App Development

The Crazy Programmer

Since its inception in 2002, the developers at FusionCharts have worked hard to secure the computational resources in multi-institutional surroundings for their geographically dispersed users.

Top 5 Python Frameworks You Must Know in 2022

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According to the Statista study, Python was the most used programming language in the whole world in 2021. Almost half of the responders admit its popularity keeps growing. So it’s no surprise that developers want to improve their skills and complete Python projects successfully.

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History of HTML

The Crazy Programmer

HTML is one of the first things that a student learns during a web development course. Hence, it becomes essential to learn about the history of HTML and its version in an accurate timeline. So, if you are also a web development learning enthusiast and wish to have a deep understanding of the same. Then read this crucial article to understand some foundational information about the same. What Does HTML Stand For?

The Retailer’s Guide to Marketing Data

Retailers are faced with extraordinary challenges – from changing consumer needs to unpredictable twists & turns in the economy. Learn how innovative retailers use zero-, first-, second-, and third-party data to find their best customers and drive repeat purchases.