October, 2022

We are still early with the cloud

Erik Bernhardsson

This is is in many respects a successor to a blog post I wrote last year. about what I want from software infrastructure, but the ideas morphed in my head into something sort of wider. The genesis.

Cloud 220

Bottleneck #03: Product v Engineering

Martin Fowler

In the third article on the Bottlenecks of Scaleups, Rick Kick and Kennedy Collins talk about the bottleneck that occurs when friction develops between product and engineering.


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Performance Review: How to respond to frustrating or lazy performance feedback

Let's Grow Leaders

Speak Up to Get Better Feedback in Your Next Performance Review. A few years ago, I wrote “Avoid These Infuriating Phrases in End-of-Year Feedback” to encourage managers to stop making stupid comments when giving a performance review.

use(): the React new experimental hook ??


use(): the React new experimental hook. React team and the JavaScript community are discussing a hook called `use` and I see a lot of hype about this new feature. See how to implement it and the possibilities for the near future. —-.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualization Will Never Be Enough

Five years ago, data visualizations were a powerful way to differentiate a software application. Today, free visualizations seem to be everywhere. Two trends are forcing application providers to rethink how they offer analytics in their products.

User Stories: A Pragmatic View

Agile Alliance

Agile 211

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Four Causes of Technical Debt in DevOps


Ideally, DevOps should retain a lean footprint, but avoiding technical debt is easier said than done. As such, over half of IT leaders report technical debt is a big or critical problem. Without routinely addressing technical debt, DevOps teams can easily face inconsistencies during deployments.

DevOps 108

PowerEdge XR4000: Compute Optimized for the Edge

Dell EMC

A new short-depth, edge server purpose-built for unpredictable and often challenging deployment environments


5 Tech Roles Still In Demand in 2022

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

On any given day, you can be sure that there are tons of tech roles that are always in demand, the game is to know which ones. One reason for that is the ever-advancing technology and its requirements. To fulfill those requirements, there are new tech roles added periodically.

Threat Alert: Private npm Packages Disclosed via Timing Attacks

Aqua Security

We at Aqua Nautilus have discovered that npm’s API allows threat actors to execute a timing attack that can detect whether private packages exist on the package manager.

The Changing World of HR: Prepare Your HCM for the Future

Speaker: Mark Stelzner - Founder & Managing Principal at IA

Join Mark Stelzner of IA as he discusses how to optimize your current HCM system and the opportunities for new tech.

Bliki: ConwaysLaw

Martin Fowler

Pretty much all the practitioners I favor in Software Architecture are deeply suspicious of any kind of general law in the field. Good software architecture is very context-specific, analyzing trade-offs that resolve differently across a wide range of environments.

10 Best Computer Science Universities in New Zealand 2022

The Crazy Programmer

If you’re looking to study computer science in New Zealand, you might be wondering which schools are best for you.

How to Be an Inclusive Leader with Jennifer Brown

Let's Grow Leaders

What does it mean, practically, to be an inclusive leader? And what happens to your business, team, and leadership when you embark on the journey?

How To 144

The fury of OKRs

Agile Alliance

Objectives and key results are in vogue all over. And while they can certainly be valuable, unfortunately, bad practices have run wild in the world of OKRs. The post The fury of OKRs first appeared on Agile Alliance. Process

Agile 196

6 Steps to More Streamlined Data Modeling

Are you a developer, database architect, or database administrator that's new to Cassandra, but been tasked with developing a plan for implementing the technology anyway? Worry no more. Discover a streamlined methodical approach to Apache Cassandra® data modeling.

Agile adoption in non-IT teams. What is the difference?


Self-organizing, autonomous, cross-functional, agile teams. We are used to seeing them a lot in the IT industry. And with the agility trend going up and getting more popular, these kinds of teams keep popping up in other industries.

Agile 130

Agile Principles – Motivated People


?????? This post continues my ongoing series revisiting the principles behind the Agile Manifesto. This time we are focussing on the following Agile principle – “Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.”.

Agile 177

Negotiate a balanced product investment mix

Martin Fowler

Rick and Kennedy conclude their article on the bottleneck caused by tension between product and engineering. This final section. addresses balancing between under and over-engineering in the product's technical infrastructure. more…. skip-home-page

Defining Cybersecurity – What You Need to Know to Stay Safe Online

The Crazy Programmer

If you’re like most people, you probably think of “hacking” when you hear the word “cybersecurity.” ” And while hacking is certainly a form of cybersecurity, it’s just one aspect of this complex field.

Modern Data Architecture for Embedded Analytics

Data has gone from a mere result of applications & processes to being crowned king. Picking the right avenue to data architecture depends on your organization’s needs. Development teams should build in stages, starting with a task that can be solved.

12 Powerful Phrases to Help You Navigate Challenging Workplace Conflict

Let's Grow Leaders

Prepare for Workplace Conflicts. with a few “Go-To” Conversation Starters. Have you ever felt this way? You’re in the middle of a challenging workplace conflict, and you’re at a complete loss for words. You’re mad. They’re mad.

Lead without Blame: Building Resilient Learning Teams

Agile Alliance

A detailed framework for leaders to move past outdated workplace blame and shame strategies to cultivate resilient teams capable of facing adversity and setbacks confidently. The post Lead without Blame: Building Resilient Learning Teams first appeared on Agile Alliance. Framework Mindset

Agile 190

SIMPLE Solutions


Introduction. In modern software principles we often hear the world simple, keep it simple stupid ( KISS ) for example, but what does “ simple” really mean?

When Is It Time to Stop Using Scrum?


TL; DR: When Should a Team Stop Using Scrum? When is the time to look beyond Scrum? After all, many things—ideas, practices, mantras, etc.—outlive outlive their utility sooner or later; why would Scrum be an exception?


10 Rules to More Streamlined Data Modeling

Apache Kafka is a powerful piece of software that can solve a lot of problems. Like most libraries and frameworks, you get out of it what you put into it. Learn 10 rules that will help you perfect your Kafka system to get ahead.

Getting out of the product-v-engineering bottleneck by identifying your "first team"

Martin Fowler

Rick and Kennedy start their discussion of how to break through the product-V-engineering bottleneck by getting people to identify and focus on their "first team", and to develop a shared understanding of how a business creates value. more…. skip-home-page

How Long Does It Take To Learn Java?

The Crazy Programmer

Do you want to master Java and land your dream job as a Java developer? You may already know that Naukri.com, the largest Indian job searching site, now has nearly 100,000 job openings looking for Java developers. But how long will it take to learn Java?

Lambda 144

When Leading Through Change, Inspect What You Expect (With Curiosity and Compassion)

Let's Grow Leaders

When you’re leading change, it takes more than a strong plan, implemented well to succeed. It’s also vital to inspect that the actions and behaviors you THINK matter most are having the IMPACT you expect. Everyone’s On Board, and We’re Still Struggling!

Energy 145

Have you voted for the Agile Alliance Board of Directors?

Agile Alliance

The Agile Alliance 2023 Board of Directors election is underway. This is an important task for our membership, and we want you to be informed about the process and our efforts for the current election. The post Have you voted for the Agile Alliance Board of Directors?

Agile 188

Blueprint to Modernize Analytics

The longer you wait to modernize your application’s analytics, the longer it will take for you to realize this value. A blueprint helps you define your new solution, plot out how to get there, and determine what you’ll need in terms of time and resources.

CI/CD script injection on DevOps platform inputs: a silent vector over automation tools


Over the last years, several solutions for DevOps tooling have been established as platform choices for personal and enterprise use. Most of them offer CI/CD capabilities, as one of the core principles of modern software development.

Tools 130

How are Done and your Increment related? ?? (74)


We started this Scrum foundation series explaining we see four underlying concepts of the Scrum framework. In the past series of mails we covered the three pillars of Empiricism, the Scrum Values, and a Self-Managing and Cross-Functional Team. The concept Done is the fourth of these concepts.


Creating multidisciplinary stream-aligned teams to escape the product-vs-engineering bottleneck

Martin Fowler

Rick and Kennedy continue explaining how to deal with the lack of. collaboration between product and engineering. This installment advises creating multidisciplinary stream-aligned teams and establishing team working agreements. more…. skip-home-page