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7 cloud market trends and how they will impact IT


While generative AI is certainly the hottest trend in the cloud market, there are others that CIOs need to be aware of. Here are the top cloud market trends and how they are impacting CIO’s cloud strategies. The gen AI gold rush — with little clarity on cost “It’s the year of AI,” declares Forrester Research.

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Daily Crunch: Major tech firms partner with Linux Foundation to support open map data development


A gaggle of companies, including Meta, Microsoft, AWS and TomTom, have partnered with the Linux Foundation to form the Overture Maps Foundation to do a few things: develop interoperable open map data and knock Google’s map dominance down a few pegs. “Definitely don’t chase trends,” advises Liparteliani. Christine and Haje.

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DockerCon 2022 Recap: Docker Extensions, Linux, and 10x Engineers

Daniel Bryant

There were a bunch of product launches, such as Docker Extensions, Docker Desktop for Linux, and more. indeed, I was a happy Linux user for many years until I got tempted with the shiny Mac hardware! Until recently, although Docker ran on Linux, you didn’t get quite the same experience as you did on Mac or Windows.

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CVE-2022-47939: Critical RCE Vulnerability in Linux Kernel


CVE-2022-47939: Critical RCE Vulnerability in Linux Kernel A critical remote code execution vulnerability in the Linux kernel has been publicly disclosed by Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative in its ZDI-22-1690 advisory. ZDI disclosed the vulnerability to the Linux team in July 2022, and was patched on August 17 in the 5.15.61

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Radar Trends to Watch: May 2024

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

sotrace is a new tool for Linux developers that shows all the libraries your programs are linked to. It is distinct from Valkey , the fork launched by the Linux Foundation. The Linux Foundation has started the Valkey project, which will fork the Redis database under an open source license. Ship it” culture is destructive.

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Radar Trends to Watch: January 2023

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It’s been known to impersonate Linux, help developers learn new programming languages, and even improve traditional college courses (where its ability to make mistakes can be turned into an asset). ChatGPT’s training set included a lot of information about Linux, so you can tell it to act like a Linux terminal. And ChatGPT?

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Black Hat USA, Linux Academy’s next stop.

Linux Academy

Linux Academy is officially a sponsor of Black Hat USA. Literally, you can win an extremely rare & enormous Linux Academy penguin. For more than 20 years, Black Hat has provided attendees with the very latest in information security research, development, and trends. The post Black Hat USA, Linux Academy’s next stop.

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