NIST proposes Secure Software Development Framework


Ever since Bill Gates fired off his famous Trustworthy Computing memo in January 2002, developing secure software has been a hot topic of discussion. It was important before then, for sure, but it was often overlooked. It took a series of high-profile worms such as Code Red and Nimda and a series of breaches to […]. Security app security application security application security testing software development

Advent of code day 8: how simple things can be very hard (…for some people)


The last time I did some serious programming was in 2002 (with a short non-professional intermezzo in 2012). This is the first time I joined the Advent of Code event. Also, I decided to use Python, for the sole reason that I want to learn Python and use it next year. On day 8 I […].

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Thinking By Sprinting: What Cognitive Science Tells Us About Why Scrum Works

It is a mental process and a limited mental resource (Ashcraft, 2002). In fact, simple heuristics can actually lead to better, quicker decisions than theoretical optimal procedures (Gigerenzer, 2002). 2002). 2002). Want to listen instead of read?


More about Thinking Fast and Slow

Agile Alliance

When Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize in 2002, and then published a book called "Thinking Fast and Slow" that presented his insights, most of us who "think for a living" were intrigued by his message. Unfortunately, most of us don't have time to read these days, especially books that are as dense and full of science as this one. In this talk, Linda will continue to help those who want to do a better job of thinking and problem-solving.

An Exercise Program for the Fat Web

Coding Horror

We knew how to make small websites in 2002. When I wrote about App-pocalypse Now in 2014, I implied the future still belonged to the web. And it does. But it's also true that the web has changed a lot in the last 10 years, much less the last 20 or 30. Websites have gotten a lot … fatter.

Dell EMC Data Domain a Decade of Leadership  

Dell EMC

Data Domain began collecting Series A and Series B funding in 2002 and eventually went public in June. The Data Domain company was founded in 2001. The Data Domain appliance was created to transition tape-based backup to disk.

Data Virtualization is the CDO’s Best Friend

Data Virtualization

According to CIO magazine, the first chief data officer (CDO) was employed at Capital One in 2002, and since then the role has become widespread, driven by the recent explosion of big data. The CDO role has a variety of. Business analysis big data Chief Data Officer data assets Data Governance Data Lakes Data Mining data virtualization Data Warehouse; Denodo Platform digital transformation ETL ETL Processes Gartner hadoop Logical Data Warehouse

Communities of Practice Tools that Your Team Will Love


2002) enumerated seven processes that can sustain and cultivate a CoP. Communities of Practice Tools. If you want to exponentially grow the CoPs in your company, you have to make it sure that you have systems and structures in place that would naturally assimilate to the operation of CoPs.

Tools 130

Securing voting machines means raising funds

The Parallax

The most recent federal dollars devoted to improving elections came from the Help Americans Vote Act of 2002, which was itself flawed because its authors failed to predict cybersecurity standards for voting machines. There likely isn’t a quick fix for complex U.S.

Report 207

The Evolution of the Executive, C-Suite, and Boardroom

N2Growth Blog

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. This was still, however, a largely ‘hush hush’ environment until 2002 when the Sarbanes-Oxley Act came into play, an act passed by U.S. Congress in 2002 to protect investors from the possibility of fraudulent accounting activities by corporations.

How experts plan to secure the 2020 election

The Parallax

Earlier this year, Congress allocated to states $380 million dollars in funds appropriated by the Help America Vote Act of 2002. The 2018 midterm elections are over, mostly.

Report 149

Team Building Mental Models

Team Building Mental Models (3): “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni (2002). TL; DR: Team Building Mental Models.

Autumn BBQ – Day of The Programmer


Some of you might already know that this day was proposed by Valentin Balt and Michael Cherviakov, employers of Parallel Technologies, in 2002 while also gathering signatures for a petition to get this day internationally recognized. The 13th of September is a special day for celebration because we honor the 256th day of the year known as The Day of The Programmer.

Chernobyl’s lessons for critical-infrastructure cybersecurity

The Parallax

Dyatlov’s judgment is supported by a 2002 report for the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus , which investigated the reactor design and how it led to the disaster. CHERNOBYL EXCLUSION ZONE, Ukraine—The stray dog looking directly at me was hard to resist.

Looking Back to Look Forward

Steve Farber

Here now, is an entry from my notebook on November 19, 2002. (I’ve The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership was first published in 2004 and has become the cornerstone of my body of work.

Energy 101

Top 25 Web Development Companies In Dubai UAE


Founded In: 2002 Location: Dubai, USA, and India Team Size: 350+ Cost: $ 25-49/hr. Xicom Technologies is a passionate and result oriented mobile and web development company rooted in Dubai, India and the USA since 2002.

Gorilla Logic Achieves Silver Partner Status with the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)

Gorilla Logic

Founded in 2002, ISTQB defines and maintains best practices in software testing, provides certification programs for QA testers and connects the international software testing community. Tapping into their experience, tech smarts and gut instincts to deliver 5-star quality apps for our clients is what our Gorillas live for – that, and a really good soccer match! Passionate about the quality behind their applications, our Gorillas take QA testing very seriously.

WordPress Co-Founder Mike Little on the Importance of Open Source

The New Stack

At the end of 2002, b2/cafelog, or simply B2, an open source web news and blogging tool, which generated pages dynamically from the contents of its MySQL database, was abandoned by its creator.

Project Scheduling by T-Shirt

The Daily WTF

In early 2002, Bert landed a job at Initech, which released its own protocol analyzer tool. " So the kickoff meeting launched with dramatic intro music (provided by a tiny CD player in the corner), a rousing speech, and then the pièce de résistance : freshly made t-shirts for the whole team, emblazoned with: "The INILYZER: August 30, 2002" August 30th was Jack's predetermined release date. "Well,"

Basis Technology: Providing software solutions for extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured text


As a trusted partner with Federal Government since 2002, their work ensures that terrorists are stopped, waste is reduced, technology works better, criminals are revealed, and information becomes accessible and more useful. – Gamified Online Course to Learn Java

The Crazy Programmer

It has been on top of the list since 2002, rarely losing to C language. In this article, we’ll review the benefits and perspectives of learning Java and probably the best way to master programming in it – through gamified education.

Course 141

OTS Solutions Gets in to The List of Top 21 IoT App Development Companies of 2019

OTS Solutions

OTS Solutions was founded in 2002 and in the past 17 years, we have emerged as one of the leading global digital technology service providers. If you believe in the process and stick to it, the great results will automatically follow and make you go places.

B2B 28

Toward the next generation of programming tools

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Programmers have built great tools for others. It’s time they built some for themselves. In a Quora post , Alan Kay lamented the state of tooling for programmers.

Tools 114

Myth : Scrum Master is an Information dispenser

Richard Florida( 2002). I often start my Scrum training classes with this quote. Scrum Master is an enabler than a doer". . This is the second in a series of posts exploring some of the myths about Scrum Mastery. Software is eating the world (At least I see that way :-) , employees today are better educated than the previous generation ( Generation X).


Just for Entrepreneurs: How to Choose the Right Financial Adviser

Strategy Driven

Titus III, CPA/PFS, AIFA founded AMDG Financial and AMDG Business Advisory Services in 2002 based on his 15 years’ experience at two large accounting firms working with Fortune 50 clients. While most entrepreneurs know their industries well, many are not experts when it comes to money.

If An IT Project Wastes US$16B, Is It The CIO’s Fault?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Back in 2002 a decision was made to create a single unified database system that would store customer information. However, it is believed that the NHS’s particular problems stem from the original contracts signed before 2002.

Making the UX Happier with SharePoint 2019


First released in 2002, the classic user engagement layer remains the foundation of several subsequent upgrades. If you have the chance, fire up an old computer and try to access today’s web pages and applications through those legacy programs.

Reasons why every IoT development company is using.NET?


In 2002, Microsoft came up with.NET but hardly would have ever thought that this programming language would be the fundamental basis to create IoT.

IoT 73

Why Wells Fargo ‘Repaves’ Its Entire Platform Every Day

The New Stack

In] 2002, somebody said, “You know, really we should patch, even if it’s just to do a sanity check.” Pivotal sponsored this post. Derrick Harris. Derrick is a senior manager for product marketing at Pivotal.

A definitive guide to understand how much your app idea should cost you?


How much does an app development cost ” was the most common buzzing question received by prospective customers since the commence of Xicom in 2002.

What Makes A Developer Culture?

Starting out with a strong focus on website development, I built my first site for them in 2002, first as a freelancer later as an employee. “I can tell how much this story means to you. It makes me wish I could’ve experienced that with a Development Team”.

Employee Spotlight: Marc Potter


They had a daughter named Chloe in 2002 and planted roots in Atlanta George where he has continued to climb the leadership ranks in software sales. At Actian, we have outstanding employees from a variety of backgrounds. We believe that your life experiences make you the unique person you are today and influence what you bring to the amazing culture here.

Games 40

Top 10 Black Hat Hackers

I'm Programmer

In 2002, an exceptionally odd message appeared on a US Army computer screen: “Your security system is crap,” it read. “I In 2002, he added his name to the The New York Times’ internal database of expert sources and utilized LexisNexis account to conduct research on high-profile subjects.

20 influential women in software development


Lisa also co-authored Testing Extreme Programming (Boston: Addison-Wesley, 2002) with Tip House. In the software development field, we always hear famous names like Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, George H. Fairbanks, Uncle Bob, Mark Richards, etc. As many in the Tech industry, often, they are men. That is why today I decided to write about amazing successful, talented and influential women in software development.

Keeping sensitive data secret in a git repository


Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 2002. This post describes a tool (git-crypt), a set of practices and principles (e.g., Castle Approach to security, a.k.a Security in Depth principle) for increasing the protection for data inside a (private) git repository. . Introduction: git repository.

Data 52

Disabled Women Succeeding as Entrepreneurs

Women on Business

Many women have found that in order to have the lifestyle they want working in the corporate world is simply too restrictive. Set hours requiring you to commute to an office, clock in and out, then ask for permission to slightly change your schedule – is simply not conducive to an active and busy life. Women with children find the regular work schedule to be even more difficult to manage.


elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

Remind me why in 2002 I decided to have my own internal corporate blog and why in 2005 I made the jump into the Internet Blogosphere and still going rather strong today. Back on January 20th, I celebrated ( quietly ) my 23rd anniversary in the IT industry.