How companies are innovating in the energy sector

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An integral component of our everyday lives, energy powers almost everything at home, at work, and elsewhere and has a direct impact on the standard of living. With people using over a million terajoules of energy a day (Source: BBC Future), burning of coal, oil and gas has reached record levels. However, a fifth of the world’s population now relies on renewable energy (solar, hydro, wind, geothermal) sources, and the sector is expected to grow about 2.6%

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How energy companies can successfully embrace IIoT


Industrial Internet of Things technology continues to mature and energy companies are contemplating how to best take advantage. Today, organizations that leverage IIoT can reduce costs by increasing efficiency for existing functionality while unlocking new features and capabilities.


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LF Energy Launches Digital Substation Initiative to Modernize Power Grid Infrastructure

The post LF Energy Launches Digital Substation Initiative to Modernize Power Grid Infrastructure appeared first on Latest News Releases CoMPAS LF Energy

The Future of Energy: North America – Part 1


A conversation with Randall Cozzens, North America Sector Head of Energy, Utilities, and Chemicals at Capgemini. The month of April presented the energy industry with a so-called “double black swan,” as the ongoing public health emergency coincided with a collapse in oil prices.

Predicting a greener future: How forecasting solar energy generation can improve grid reliability


According to Capgemini’s annual World Energy Markets Observatory study , renewables were the fastest-growing worldwide energy source in 2018, with an increase of 14.5%. As renewable energies become increasingly important, traditional business models are under pressure.

Belarus: Self-Organization of the Nation

An interesting phenomenon though is that hundreds and thousands of people continue to self-organize and struggle without any leaders, centralized structures, and opposition parties. The whole camp was organized fantastically well including logistics, food, cleaning, etc.

How AI detected a hacker hiding in an energy grid within hours of deployment


This blog shows how by looking at a critical real-world detection at a European energy organization Darktrace’s AI can identify the subtle signs of threat, even when the initial intrusion occurs prior to its deployment.

Data Center Insights: Lights-Out Data Centers: Optimizing The Energy Sector and Helping The Planet.

Dots and Bridges

Listen to lessons learned from their own experience and other enterprise organizations. The post Data Center Insights: Lights-Out Data Centers: Optimizing The Energy Sector and Helping The Planet. Date: March 10th, 2021, 11AM (EST).

37 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Team Lacks Energy

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” If you’re full of energy, but your team looks like they need a good shot of red bull to get going, ask yourself these questions. 37 Questions to Ask Yourself if Your Team Lacks Energy. We all have varying backgrounds ranging from senior leaders within organizations to consultants, coaches, bloggers, and authors. Energy & Engagement #winningwell energize your leadership how to become a more effective leader questions to ask yourself

10 Ways to Zap Energy and Squash Enthusiasm

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Low energy abounds. I’ve been asking this question everywhere this week (my organization, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter). 10 Energy Zappers 1. The post 10 Ways to Zap Energy and Squash Enthusiasm appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Culture Empowerment motivation Performance Recognition Results energy enthusiasm leadership Bad leaders suck life-force from their teams. They don’t mean too. And yet, contagious yawns permeate the workplace.

Hear Real-world Stories About the Transformational Impact of Analytics on the Energy Industry at TIBCO Analytics Forum 2021

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

Want to learn about the top-trending energy and utilities (E&U) analytics and data management strategies that are helping companies evolve apace the rapid changes that characterize the industry? What can hyperconverged analytics do for your energy or utility company?

Motivating, Mentoring and Measuring – Leading Unfamiliar Organizations

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I was in charge of an unfamiliar organization, one in whose mission I was not well versed. However, a true leader can be successful in any organization. Whether the leader grew-up in the organization or was transplanted into a new ecosystem, they can utilize sound leadership principles to guide the organization to success. The difference is the time it takes to build a framework upon which to hang those leadership principles in an unfamiliar organization.

The Future of Energy: North America – Part 2


Part two of our conversation with Randall Cozzens, North America Sector Head of Energy, Utilities, and Chemicals at Capgemini. How is the present oil crisis and public health emergency affecting energy transition plans in North America?

Muster Energy for Change After the Luster Fades

Change Starts Here

Much energy is generated at the beginning of a change initiative to draw attention to the need for change, generate excitement about the vision, and coordinate activities. After the change initiative has been launched and some progress has been made, it is easy for the organization to fall into complacency. Thinking the initiative can coast without additional effort, managers and others drop the energy level.

Disciplines of a Learning Organization: Peter Senge


If there is one book that has influenced my business thinking the most, it is Peter Senge’s “ The Fifth Discipline – The Art and Practice of Learning Organization ” and I have referred to it many times over past years on this blog. A couple weeks ago, I posted a sketch note on “ Why Organizations Don’t Learn? based on an HBR article by the same title and someone ended up asking me, “How do organization’s learn?”. Related Posts at QAspire Blog : Why Organizations Don’t Learn

Project SENECA: Making cloud-based software engineering faster, more sustainable and energy efficient


An interview with Dr. Magiel Bruntink, Head of Research at SIG, on how this EU-funded research project is advancing software development in the cloud Project SENECA, an EU-funded research project coordinated by Software Improvement Group (SIG), brought together three leading universities and three commercial organizations from 2015-2018 to address key issues in software engineering and computing […].

Magic Motivators to Boost Energy Levels In the Office

Strategy Driven

When people drag their feet into work on a Monday morning it seems like there is no way to bring the energy levels back up. Whether you subscribe to a reward scheme or you organize a team away day, this could be your recipe to higher energy in the office. One of the best ways to improve the energy and motivation in the office is to show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work.

Mapping China by the Numbers: Organizing to Win

The Cipher Brief

Yesterday in The Cipher Brief , Jamie explored China’s broad ambitions and threat vectors, today, he focuses on how Beijing is organizing against those ambitions and threat vectors. Delivering change in the face of inertia takes a lot of time and energy as well as political capital.’

Startups: Focus your Energy on your Application, not your Infrastructure

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

They must choose between building it in-house (organic) and using an (OEM) solution as a deeply embedded option. Learn how TIBCO’s deeply embedded OEM solutions can help you get your tech start-up’s infrastructure right and allow you to focus your energy on your applications.

On Building a “Data Culture” in a Real Organization


Regulation-driven data governance, they say, needs to be followed by actions that make data governance part of the organization’s culture. don’t let individual “siloes” block a comprehensive view of how data “flow” through the organization). make sure that people speak the same language about data no matter where they sit in the organization). What will vary from organization to organization will be the manner in which data governance and data analytics services are managed.

Introducing Engineering Management to a Growing Organization


Johnathan Nightingale has seen first-hand how powerful a solid management structure can be for growing organizations. “We Never in the history of the universe have eight engineers spontaneously self-organized and done well-aligned work toward the goals of the business in a sustained way,” Nightingale says. “In Go focus all your energy and innovation on that. The manager is the fundamental building block of organizations with more than eight people.

Four Sources of Personal Power in Organizations

Change Starts Here

To be an effective change agent, you must have some power within your organization. In general, power is the energy to make something happen. In the context of an organization, your personal power directly impacts your ability to influence change. In an organization, your ability to make things happen depends on others’ willingness to let you. As you grow in these four areas, you will be given more power in your organization.

Pack Some Energy into Your Lunch :: Women on Business

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A big part of the working mind is blood flow, and ultimately, most organs in the body also rely on the blood flow. Makes Commitment to Renewable Energy by Becoming a Member of the U.S. Categories : Uncategorized 1 Comments 1 November 28th, 2010 at 1:50 am It’s so true that the foods we eat throughout the day can make or break us when it comes to energy levels, focus, and cognitive abilities.

10 ways to get untapped talent in your organization to contribute

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Your workers haven’t been sufficiently inspired to bring their best talents to work with you , so they are offering them to another organization. Accurately assessing their potential Organizations can sometimes struggle with two distinct types of people.

Digital relocation: Why smart organizations head to talent


Tech talent is overwhelmingly concentrated in urban areas, and instead of drawing these people out to the company, most organizations have decided it would be more worthwhile to move to the talent.

Organization Life: Insights from Michael Wade


Here are a few insights on organization life extracted from posts that I loved reading. Poor indeed is the organization where there is a widespread lack of: Honor, Knowledge, Wisdom, Courage, Ambition, Humility, Humor, Fairness, Opportunity, Energy, Loyalty, Initiative, Caring, Cooperation, Flexibility, Imagination, Objectivity, Toughness, Decisiveness.” – the post titled Lack. - – - – -.

Frost & Sullivan Honors Leading Organizations in Asia-Pacific in an Inaugural Virtual Ceremony for the 2020 Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards

CEO Insider

A total of 15 awards were presented to organizations for elevating performance benchmarks and for their outstanding achievements in the industry. These awards were segmented across six major sectors: Automotive Energy […].

Steps for Fortifying Your Organization’s Data in the Cyber War


Organizations should optimize patching and vulnerability management of course, but even those few that do that well will eventually get infected. Knowing that you will be breached, you must focus more time and energy on creating a holistic approach to managing data and information in the enterprise. Roger Hockenberry. The most recent ransomware attacks should make every executive in every company take notice, and be worried.

How Would You Put Your Organization Out of Business?

Talent Anarchy

Groupthink may be the most dangerous force running rampant within organizations today. Adam Grant described one organization’s ingenious approach to unleashing divergent and nonconformist thinking. The CEO of this particular organization was frustrated by the lack of new ideas from his leadership team about how to stay ahead of the competition in the future. This organization apparently found great success by using this approach.

StrategyDriven Enterprises Extends its Energy Advisory Services, Partners with NTE Solutions

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven Enterprises, LLC and NTE Solutions partner to provide energy industry executives and managers with asset lifecycle management and regulatory compliance advisory services. StrategyDriven Enterprises, LLC and NTE Solutions have announced a partnership that will expand energy services to clients and prospects of both companies. StrategyDriven refers to the family of organizations comprising StrategyDriven Enterprises, LLC.

What Stands Between your Organization and a Perfect World?

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Seeking perfection is the business of excellent organizations. Like a coach who helps you visualize victory prior to tip off, great leaders have a way of describing what perfection looks like for their organization. This leadership is particularly important in large organizations where managers waste so much energy protecting the status quo and avoiding failure that there is little left for progress. By Brian Layer , Chair, Organizational Development, N2growth.

Is Your Organization Playing Chess or Checkers?

Nathan Magnuson

Is complexity leaving your organization behind? It’s symbolic for what happens as organizations grow. In the early stages of most small organizations or teams, the rules are simplistic and team members may play interchangeable roles much like the game pieces in a checkers game. But many organization are extremely reactive in this respect. The best organizations have a strong leadership bench. But what about the rest of the organization?

Order Out of Chaos: Patterns of Organization for Writing on the Job

A List Apart

A few years ago, a former boss of mine emailed me out of the blue and asked for a resource that would help him and his colleagues organize information more effectively. This time, as I reviewed the chapter on organization, I realized that Rude explained the high-level goals and principles better than any other author I’d read up to that point. Steal like an organizer: follow pre-established document structures. The same principle applies to the art of organization.

Five things you can do today to change your organization

Change Starts Here

On Friday, I posted an April Fools list of five ways to change your organization today. The following are five things you can do today to move the needle toward positive change in your organization: Say the thing that needs to be said. Take part of the load off someone who is struggling so they are freer to provide energy and time to the change. Despite your better wishing, the organization is not going to change itself.

Managing Assets in the New Renewable Frontier


Renewable and distributed energy resources continue to grow at a steady pace. Renewable and distributed energy resources such as wind and solar are [.].

Organizations Affiliated with the National Cancer Moonshot Can Now Leverage Advanced Machine Learning and Analytics and Interoperablity Solutions From Tamr


Tamr’s combination of machine learning software and data science expertise enables it to rapidly accelerate the organization, integration and preparation of the massive, diverse data sets, clearing the way for the broader scientific community to begin sharing and tapping into this treasure trove of information. Most cancer research organizations can’t even look at all the data they already have on studies they’ve run, much less effectively incorporate data from the outside.

Leading to a New Normal


Both ORGANIC agility and Menlo share a similar approach in providing leaders with a framework to lead with empathy, recognize the potential of people around you, and focus on lifting the energy of the team. By Marion Eickmann.

More women are needed to power energy and utilities


Multiple research studies show that companies with a significant share of female leaders outperform their peers, but there is still a notable deficit in the number of women working in the energy and utilities industry.

The Big Picture of Business – Doing Your Best Work on Deadlines: Mobilizing the Energy for Best Business Success

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I watch them to experience the magical energy of live performances. I recommend that diversity audits, quality control reviews, ethics programs and other important regimen be conducted as part of Strategic Planning, rather than as stand-alone, distracting and energy diverting activities. With planning and organizing, you can meet and beat most deadlines without working in a pressure cooker.

How to Have Your Best Week

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We were talking about time management strategies and she shared how she organizes her week. I asked if her energy was more extroverted or introverted. So, her story is just one example of how one leader organizes her week to live and lead at her best. Batch by Energy Impact : One thing this leader was extremely tuned into was her energy. As an introvert, she recognized that larger group meetings were energy drainers for her. Let’s face it.