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Wipro Fires 2-Job Staff | Python Bug from 2007 | Lite Layoffs

The post Wipro Fires 2-Job Staff | Python Bug from 2007 | Lite Layoffs appeared first on In this week’s The Long View: Wipro fires 300 for moonlighting at competitors, Python has a nasty 15-year-old bug, and companies are finding new ways to lay people off without calling it a “layoff.”.

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How To Install Exchange Server 2007 in 13 Easy Steps


The Exchange Server 2007 installation process is not difficult. In this article you'll learn how to install Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2003. We'll cover minimum system requirements and the step-by-step installation of Exchange Server 2007.

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Complaints in EU challenge Meta’s plans to utilize personal data for AI


“Unlike the already problematic situation of companies using certain (public) data to train a specific AI system (eg a chatbot), Meta’s new privacy policy basically says that the company wants to take all public and non-public user data that it has collected since 2007 and use it for any undefined type of current and future ‘artificial intelligence (..)

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Apple is killing the iPhone’s silent switch


The ring/silent switch has been on the iPhone since the very first one was announced in 2007 by Steve Jobs, but now the writing is on the wall for the device’s last significant moving part. With its replacement by a haptic “action button,” it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the lineup […]

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The Story No One Cares About: PC Sales at lowest number since 2007


The analyst firm IDC reports that worldwide PC shipments in 2015 were about 300 million units, on par with 2007 numbers. Bob Gourley. The PC market continued to face persistent challenges from longer-PC lifecycles and competition from mobile phones and tablets, despite the slowing growth in those markets.

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The HP-Autonomy lawsuit: Timeline of an M&A disaster


May 2007: Autonomy spins off its Blinkx consumer software unit in an IPO. July 2007: Autonomy pays $375 million for content archiving and electronic discovery specialist Zantaz. October 2007: Autonomy acquires data management specialist Meridio for £20 million.

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8 reasons developers love Go—and 8 reasons they don't


In 2007, some of the programmers at Google looked at their options for writing software and didn’t like what they saw. They needed to manage millions of lines of code that would be constantly storing and shipping data for the world wide web. The code would juggle thousands or maybe millions of connections on networks throughout the globe.