How Big Data Has Transformed Sports

BrainStation Technology

In a relatively short period of time, big data has become a big business in professional sports. The market for sports analytics is expected to reach almost $4 billion by 2022, and teams around the world are racing to find a competitive advantage.

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TIBCO, Technology, and Sports For the Win

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

You might be wondering what TIBCO and sports have in common. Within the sports industry, there is no shortage of data that teams and other organizations are using to discover valuable insights about their fans, transactions, and third-party partners.

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Leadership Lessons for creating High Performing Scrum Teams

Walker discovered that the most successful sports teams that ever existed all shared one single element: They all had a team captain with 7 overlapping traits that made them extremely successful. So, what lessons can Agile Leaders or Scrum Masters learn from these sports teams?


Transforming IT Performance into Formula One Success

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

What makes us unique today is our diversification into three different businesses including a global, high-performance sports car business, McLaren Automotive, and a game-changing technology and innovation business, McLaren Applied Technologies as well as McLaren Formula One team.

Nice Teams Don’t Win in Sports or Business

Women on Business

That’s according to an insightful email message that I received this week on behalf of Dr. Robyn Odegaard, CEO of Champion Performance Development , founder of the Stop The Drama! Being willing to disagree in a respectful manner can help bring the best ideas to the surface or air concerns that, until this point, have been hindering performance. The post Nice Teams Don’t Win in Sports or Business appeared first on Women on Business. Conflict can be good.

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Five Strategies For Retaining Your Top Performers

Strategy Driven

It is important that you are able to retain your top performers so that you can consistently perform, create harmony in the workplace and avoid the recruitment process which can be lengthy, stressful and expensive. Sport/exercise classes.

Work Performance and the Perils of Comparison

N2Growth Blog

I share this because there is new evidence uncovered by researchers Avi Feller and Todd Rogers that suggests “ that exposure to exemplary peer performances can undermine motivation and success by causing people to perceive that they cannot attain their peers’ high levels of performance.

Drive your Business from App to Edge

Beyond B2B

Just like a sports car needs a high-performance engine to function properly, your organization needs to be super-charged with the power that fuels innovation. What sparks innovation in your organization?

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Should CIOs Be Working With “Engines”?

The Accidental Successful CIO

What these CIOs have realized is that many of their video games share the need to perform the same actions no matter what type of game it is. Technology Amazon augmented reality code EA Sports engine Facebook Frostbite graphics physics Unity Unreal videogames virtual reality

Dealing with Conflict | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Leadership is a full-contact sport, and if you cannot address conflict in a healthy, productive fashion then you should not be in a leadership role.

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A Formula for Extremely Successful teams

This is the first in a series of 3 blogs, sharing some leadership lessons from the most successful sports teams that ever existed. It is based on research that Sam Walker (founding editor of the The Wall Street Journal’s sports section) published in 2017 in his book: ‘The Captain Class’.

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GROW into a coaching model

Rapid BI

The GROW coaching model has been used successfully by coaches in sport and business as well as by many organizations as part of a change towards a coaching style of management. Management Coaching coaching model current reality goals Graham Alexander GROW model john whitmore Leadership management style options performance coaching sir john whitmore will wrap-up

Static vs Dynamic Code Analysis: How to Choose Between Them


Let’s start with a sporting analogy to help illustrate the difference between these two methodologies. In addition, dynamic code analysis cannot perform the function of static code analysis tools, it’s best used in conjunction with them.

Book Review: The Fearless Mind

Lead on Purpose

According to Dr. Craig Manning , author of The Fearless Mind: 5 Essential Steps to Higher Performance , a ‘fearless mind’ is achieved when we have cleansed ourselves of the barriers that prevent us from reaching our greatest potential.

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The BIG Secrets of Enthusiastic Emotional Engagement.

Strategy Driven

INSIGHT: To establish the ultimate long-term relationship and to be memorable in the service you perform, you need personal information about your prospect or customer. Relate Articles: The Four Cornerstones of a High Performance Culture, part 4. What is engagement?

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Creating Teams

Strategy Driven

Performance within groups typically does not just happen. For a group to really perform well it needs practice. The group needs to understand the best way to organize itself for performance. This concept is commonly understood by sports teams and the military.

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Seven Traits of Elite Team Captains

Walker discovered that the most successful sports teams that ever existed all shared one single element: they all had a team captain that was the main driver behind this success. And…if you are responsible for creating high performing teams, who do you select to be the team captain?

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How Software Makes a Porsche More Than Just a Car

The New Stack

This means the Porsche experience — for those lucky enough to have driven one of the fabled models — is no longer brought to you by a sports car manufacture…but by Porsche as a “mobility provider.”. Cloud Foundry sponsored this podcast.

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3 steps to creating a culture that retains your best employees

Strategy Driven

Employees can do the minimum, or go the extra mile, and the difference between these two levels of performance, multiplied by the number of employees, can make or break a company.

How to Build a Team « Survive Your Promotion!

Survive Your Promotion

Whether you have participated in team sports, or have only known of teamwork in your professional life, you are probably familiar with the concept that the whole team should be greater than the sum of its parts. Survive Your Promotion!

Debriefing as Continuous Improvement

Strategy Driven

Accelerate performance… learn and leverage this secret tool to organizational success. As pilots, our DNA goes back to those romantic barnstormers that flew dangerously close to a crowd, broke all of the rules, wowed the audiences, and sported a razor-thin Rhett Butler mustache.

What Do Communities of Practice Look Like in Organisations


They could also have communities for sports and hobbies that promote socialisation and personal development. They could pull out information from their own experiences, roles, tasks performed in the past, or even external sources. What Do Communities of Practice Look Like.


Gaming is Eating Media… and Pokemon is Just the Start

Battery Ventures

Gaming has become so popular that more people are now watching professional gaming teams—part of the larger trends of e-sports–than some major, traditional sporting events. sports markets, Boston and Los Angeles.

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The 3-5-3 of Scrum


Scrum teams wishing to receive the return on investment associated with a rigorous Scrum should have an immediate method to check if they are implementing the same practices observed in the documented high performing teams. The 3-5-3 of Scrum. by Joe Justice | August 1, 2018 | Blog.


Leader-less Scrum?


A high-performing team also needs a recognized leader. Nobody would imagine that a sports team will spontaneously self-organize without a great deal of attention, support, and discipline from a leader called a Coach. Is your Scrum vocabulary missing the word “leader“?


How Robots are Replacing Reporters

The New Stack

We may already have passed one crucial milestone: when automated systems start performing those creative jobs which had previously been reserved for white-collar workers. Robo-Sports Reporters.

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10 Exceptional Strategies For Extraordinary Executives

N2Growth Blog

I want them to have experiences that will lead them to achieve their goals: increased sales, better performance, healthy growth, stronger culture and ultimately a better organization. In the world of sports, botched plays are typically a result of miscommunication.

5 ways to improve employee development programs for your organization

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Learning and development activities help in acquiring new skills, sharpening existing ones, performing better, boosting teamwork, and finding new leaders in the face of the changing technologies.

SAP HANA: A Fantasy Football Use Case


The demand for fantasy sports has been driven by fans' desire to get more involved with the sport they love and fueled by the availability of vast amounts of league and player data. Commissioner Goodell has thrown significant support behind the activity, including several strategic investments around analytic capabilities to empower the fantasy sports enthusiast. Double Delight for Sports Fanatics as the Fantasy Market Partners with Fantasy Data (

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Top 10 Tips To Becoming A Better PO


Think of your ScrumMaster as your team’s sports medicine doctor, assessing the health of your team and prescribing just the right treatment to strengthen their muscles, build their endurance and train them to be a lean, mean high performing team.

Finding Serverless’ Hidden Costs

The New Stack

He also enjoys playing the piano and is a traveling enthusiast, an experienced chess player and is addicted to sports. Observability is critical — not just to detect errors and performance bottlenecks, but also to know what the memory consumption and running time of your functions are.

How Leaders Can Quickly Take A Team From Worst To First

Terry Starbucker

It’s September, and for sports fans that means the NFL season is starting, and the Major League Baseball pennant races are heating up as they head to the postseason.

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Top 10 Tips To Becoming A Better PO


Think of your ScrumMaster as your team’s sports medicine doctor, assessing the health of your team and prescribing just the right treatment to strengthen their muscles, build their endurance and train them to be a lean, mean high performing team.

Does loving your job make you a better leader?

Lead on Purpose

I recently attended a keynote address by Dr. Craig Manning, sports performance coach and author of The Fearless Mind. As we practice and perform, the things we learn in our conscious mind flow into our subconscious and result in our naturally doing what we train our mind to do. He talked about how 10% of our brain is the conscious, and 90% is the subconscious.

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Effective ways to prevent muscle injuries

Strategy Driven

Muscle tears and hamstring injuries are common problems occurring during sports and other vigorous physical trainings. In addition, lack of vitamin D also deteriorates performance and strength. However, extensive stretching leads to decrease in performance and overall muscle damage.

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The Five Obsessions of Winning Teams

N2Growth Blog

Champions obsess over their individual responsibility to perform, fill their role, and expand their personal contribution. Those that win, create a culture of leadership where they perform better than their opponents at the point of decision and in the heat of the moment. Basketball is a sport where the most talented teams don’t always win but those that create a culture of leadership almost always do. By Brian Layer. Chief Executive Officer, N2Growth.

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How Theatre Made Me a Better Software Consultant


Like any other art form or sport, there’s intrinsic value to needing to literally perform. To summarize (and butcher) centuries of performance theory, most acting methods boil down to techniques and exercises that help an actor inhabit a role subconsciously.

Leadership reading list

Dan Pupius

I’m loathe to use sports analogies, but I think this one’s worth it: Do you want to be more of a golf team or a basketball team? The latter is usually what people imagine when they think about high-performing teams at work, but building teams like this is hard.

What Does it Mean When We Talk About the “Future of Work”?

BrainStation Technology

Officially, the definition of work is “to perform work or fulfill duties regularly for wages or salary.” Companies like Mattermark and Buffer, for example, have generated press coverage by sharing information on employee compensation and financial performance, despite the fact that they are not required to. Already, data has had a dramatic impact on everything from sports (include the Raptor’s NBA championship ), community building , and efforts to spearhead societal change.

Partnership over Stakeholdership

Abhishek Tiwari

Similarly, in cricket (sports), teams performance revolves around match-winning partnerships. When hiring for senior roles, companies put too much stress on stakeholder management skills i.e. ability to navigate through complex stakeholder landscape and manage expectations.

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