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Workshops, Seminars, and Campuses – The 3 Basic Principles of Training

CEO Insider

Organizing the activities will not be successful […] The post Workshops, Seminars, and Campuses – The 3 Basic Principles of Training appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine. Training is being held for everyone from small kids to grown adults, and each time there are some basic principles it has to obey. All rights reserved.

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The CTO Advisor Virtual Seminar

The CTO Advisor

The overwhelming feedback … The post The CTO Advisor Virtual Seminar appeared first on The CTO Advisor. Due to the lack of interaction, I’m not a huge fan of attending virtual events. We did host a sizable virtual event in 2020.

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Want To Perfect Your Skills? Join Our Seminar


We all know that the years spent in the University are probably the best and not only because of the great people you’ve met & the fun parties, but also for the experience and extra knowledge you had the opportunity to gain by attending special seminars. Stay informed and be sure to get a seat in this seminar. Image source: [link].

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Seminars: Women’s Networking

Women on Business

Should women use seminars to network and build their businesses? important to remember before investing your money in a seminar! seminar, and the manual labor was killing them. . If you have any good pointers on how to make attending a seminar more beneficial for our readers, please leave a comment below.

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Capital One Fraud Seminar Recap


Recently, I was honored to be invited as a panelist at a recent seminar hosted by Capital One Spark Business to share some views on fraud prevention and cybersecurity with their customers.

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51 Latest Seminar Topics for Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

The Crazy Programmer

Looking for seminar topics on Computer Science Engineering (CSE)? This blog will help you identify the most trending and latest seminar topics for CSE. Moreover, various online programs have been developed, and seminars are conducted to help students achieve their goals. 51 Seminar Topics for Computer Science Engineering (CSE).

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Storytelling for CIOs: From niche to bestseller


IT leaders and CIOs have also long recognized the power of storytelling, but only recently has the phenomenon become formalized with many saying they’ve attended workshops or seminars on the topic with the express intention of improving their sense of narrative and power to communicate and persuade.