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The 2030 Self-Driving Car Bet

Coding Horror

It's my honor to announce that John Carmack and I have initiated a friendly bet of $10,000* to the 501(c)(3) charity of the winner’s choice: By January 1st, 2030, completely autonomous self-driving cars meeting SAE J3016 level 5 will be commercially available for passenger use in major cities. Prove me wrong!

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Saudi Vision 2030: Why the Kingdom is becoming a hub in EdTech education


This policy was defined in line with the key pillars of KSA’s ambitious Vision 2030 The goal is to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing services by mandating governmental and semi-governmental. The importance of education in supporting the success of Saudi Vision 2030 cannot be overstated.

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Inteligencia artificial para desentramar el tejido informativo de 70 espacios de RTVE


El proyecto RTVE 2030 celebra su primer aniversario con unos datos “extraordinarios”: más de 18.000 horas de programas de televisión analizadas para determinar su contribución a la Agenda 2030. En total, cuenta ya con 70 programas, lo que supone más de 24.500 episodios.

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Data Integration Technology Maturity Curve 2024-2030

Dzone - DevOps

When it comes to data integration, some people may wonder what there is to discuss — isn't it just ETL? That is, extracting from various databases, transforming, and ultimately loading into different data warehouses.

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Palo Alto Networks Commits to Be Carbon Neutral by 2030

Palo Alto Networks

Today we’re declaring that we will be carbon neutral by 2030. A Bold Target: Carbon Neutral by 2030. The post Palo Alto Networks Commits to Be Carbon Neutral by 2030 appeared first on Palo Alto Networks Blog. Climate change is an existential threat. Reduce our emissions in alignment with science-based targets. .

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Cybersecurity 2030

Haft of the Spear

By 2030, the convergence of commodity IT and IoT technology has eliminated the need for login credentials. In 2030 cyberattacks have never been more prolific or severe despite the rapid growth of cybersecurity products and services. Forecast One: Credentials No More. FORECAST THREE: IT’S THE PEOPLE, STUPID.

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PwC Middle East and Microsoft launch an AI excellence center in Saudi Arabia


According to PwCm the Middle East is expected to accrue 2% of the total global benefits of AI in 2030. billion USD in 2030 to the economy. Our commitment to Saudi Vision 2030 and our future in technology is unwavering. This is equivalent to 320 billion USD.